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September 11, 2008 by missmegany

Ok. I’m going to have a go starting now. I could wait until my first paycheck, or until the end of the month, but I figure there is no sense in putting this off.

So we’ll start today. Since there are only so many things I can buy with 74.65, I figure it should be fairly easy to keep track of what I buy….. what I choose NOT to buy, however, I guess I won’t be writing down as I go. We’ll see what I remember when I start to type a new post.


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Less and Less and More is all about enjoying more, all whilst worrying about less. Whether enjoying better health because you eat less junk, having more time for friends and family because you spend less time on acquiring, or lots of other big and little things that we want more of, I look at examples of people doing more.


Less and Less and More

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