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September 12, 2008 by missmegany

Ok, so I spent 6 in order to get down to 74, but what else was I supposed to do? They don’t give change at ATMs! Actually, I spent it on a meal at The Art House that they probably would have given me for free (I was volunteering there to set up a database) and then I donated the 1.10 that was left over to bring me down to the correct amount. So I guess it wasn’t really cheating.

Then last night we went to Bournemouth to see a band play. That was 6.75 for the train and then 5.00 for entry. It was a great show, a Club Anenome night where they have reverse raffles (you just take a number and the item, and leave a matching number on the table) and they gave out party bags. Turns out it was Club Anenome’s 1st birthday!! So we went out in between bands and bought a birthday card for 1.20. Mac and I both paid 60p. Anyway, if you want to check out the bands, they are Pictish Trail (he had a really lovely Scottish accent) Rozi Plain (she had stop motion videos she’d made to go along with it!!) Art Pedro (who did really great songs) Expedition Guide (who is one half of Dutch Husband, another great band) and Hardsparrow, who is the guy who puts on the Club nights.

I’m a little ticked off that the transportation cost more than the show itself, but I don’t go to Bournemouth THAT often, and it was worth going.

What I didn’t buy was any CDs of either Pictish Trail or Rozi Plain, or any food at the gas station or the train station. I also drank water the whole time at the bar, but that’s pretty normal.

Running Total:

– 6.75
– 5.00
– 0.60


I’m off to London for the whole weekend, but I’ve been planning that for more than a month and it’s for this environmental group that I’m joining so I’m going to ignore the transportation costs. I’m hoping that all the meals are included, and that they keep us really busy. I’m going to avoid buying tea/cakes/etc. either on the way there or back or in between. Luckily, the train/Tube people haven’t realised that they’d get me to spend a whole lot more money if they had independent coffee shops in their stations so I’m probably safe.


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