Stupid food!!!


September 16, 2008 by missmegany

I knew that food would be one of my biggest temptations. I eat so much food and get hungry a lot, and then my willpower just fades away. So yesterday I bought tomato soup at my new work’s canteen so I could fit in because I didn’t know how many people brought their lunch (I also had a sandwich, so I ate both). Caving in to soup because of peer pressure…. actually, IMAGINED peer pressure! Horrible! Luckily, it only cost 35p (the canteen is subsidised by the company) but STILL–it’s the point of it.

So then I wanted to get some cereal and ingredients for granola bars on the way home, so I stopped at the little mini-Sainsburys…. then I decided I didn’t know exactly what I needed for cereal bars, and the prices were probably higher here, so I should wait and buy them later……. except I bought a Twix because I was hungry again (this is at 5:20ish). So that was another 45p.

That’s almost a pound being spent on little things that I didn’t need and didn’t even really want! And I’ve only been doing this experiment for 4 days. Ugh. Maybe I shouldn’t have said I wanted it to be hard!!

So that’s:

– 0.35 for soup
– 0.45 for stupid Twix

61.50 with 25 more days to go in this “month”


2 thoughts on “Stupid food!!!

  1. Robin says:

    Stupid Megan!!! It’s been 9 days since you updated your blog!!!!

  2. Robin says:

    Ok, mom says you’re not updating because “She is embarrassed because she’s spending so much money” or”Maybe she’s really really bored at her job!!!!” To which I said “Then she should be blogging even MORE.”:)Seriously. I NEED you to blog.

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