Two weeks left!!!


September 30, 2008 by missmegany


I haven’t blogged in a week because our phone company decided to give our number to someone else. Before that, I was just being lazy.

I had a worried moment on Sunday when Mac and I both looked at our wallets (he decided to join me, albeit loosely, on this goal) and realised we had no money. Well, he had 10 that he found on the floor of a bar(!!!!!) (which cancels out the 10 he took out from the ATM) and I had a fiver…. but considering we have two weeks left, that’s not much. We started talking about how this has made us reflect on what we buy, but that I still found it difficult to account for all my money. That’s when I found the 20 that was still in my wallet, and Mac said that he hated me. HAH!

So I have 25 left. Not bad for two weeks, but I have bought stupid little things that have added up. And now our iron decided to break, so I have to go buy one of those out of the money I have left. As Mac said, it’s not an essential–we could go to work with wrinkly clothes.

I will write more about what I’ve done with the vast amounts of money I had. VAST amounts. VAAAAAAST. Also, what I did for no money!!


2 thoughts on “Two weeks left!!!

  1. Robin says:

    I was talking to mom about your goals yesterday, and I did the math, and that would be me living on $150 a month. And that’s not including groceries. I maybe spend $60 on gas a month, so I’m down to $90. I could MOST definitely live on $90 a month. But that might because I don’t do anything fun? But seriously, if I had $90 a month to just “use,” I feel like I’d be buying clothes all the time. I’m personally getting ready for Buy Nothing Month. I’m pretty excited.

  2. Megan says:

    Don’t forget that $150/month is not the same as 75 pounds a month. The prices don’t work out that way. When you buy a lot of things, it’s as if you exchange the pound sign for a $. Seriously. You remember how expensive everything is! For example, a Snickers ranges between 37-45p. And those aren’t imported–they are made in Britain.

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