Where my money has gone…


October 1, 2008 by missmegany

… I wish I knew!

That’s not true. I do know where it’s gone… but there isn’t much left! The good news is that I started on a Friday, so I won’t have a whole weekend to go through at the end of this. That might just about kill me.

I’ve had to pass up seeing Seasick Steve, but seeing as it’s 17.50, I don’t mind too much. It seems odd that it costs so much to see a guy who sings mostly about how he was a hobo who rode on freight trains.

Alright. So within the last two weeks I’ve seen two art exhibitions, watched Control, went to a couple gigs, bought a work of art, and had friends over for dinner a couple times. Not bad.

Money wise, here’s what I spent.

My boss, being a bit scatterbrained, asked us all to a “team breakfast” and then paid and sat down before we all went through. So I had to pay for my two crumpets (hee hee–crumpets!) and tea. That day I bought more soup to fit in again. Sigh…. peer pressure….

When I went out to a gig that Friday (It was yesyesnonoyes‘s 1st birthday!!) and didn’t spend anything. The bartender took pity on me when I appeared crestfallen after he told me they weren’t serving tea in the evening, so he made me a free cuppa (hee hee–cuppa!). I got in on the guest list, so that was free. But I caved in when I went to ASDA to buy groceries and saw a delicious yogurt drink. Stupid food! I also spent five pounds on a small drawing by a local artist. It’s a cute fat weird creature and says Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” Mac bought one that is similar, but has a hungover 5 o’clock shadow and says “Gin.”

At the market that weekend (which is mostly filled with CRAP–it is NOT a farmer’s market, sadly) I bought nice Polish willage bread (maybe that’s Polish for village?) but Mac said that wasn’t an essential, so I’ve charged myself the difference. Should fancy bread be considered groceries? We also bought really nice feta. It was amazing melt-in-your-mouth cheese. But, again, not essential. Does this mean I should be drawing the line at things when I’m at the supermarket?

We visited the Art Vaults, which is a free series of contemporary art installations in medieval vaults, that weekend with Mac’s niece, brother, and nephew. FREE! A really nice day out.

It’s bedtime, so I’m going to go and finish this another day. Plus this is long and boring. I need to find a way to make my tale of spending money more interesting. Maybe I just need to be a better writer. Hmmmmm…


One thought on “Where my money has gone…

  1. Robin says:

    I think if it counts as groceries, then it should be considered groceries! That goes with fancy bread, feta, and even that little yogurt drink. You bought it at Asda, so it was probably 60p, rather than buying it at a cafe, where it would have been 1.50 or something. Because then really, what would be essentials? White bread, eggs, and milk? That’s it? I think if you buy it in a grocery store, and its not something ridiculous like store bought chocolate chip cookies, or Fritos or something, then its okay. I mean, according to some, toilet paper isn’t even a necessity! http://crunchychicken.blogspot.com/2008/09/cloth-wipe-challenge-2008.htmlSo I don’t think you can be too nit-picky about “essentials.” Just don’t buy Odwalla (or similar) at a local tea shop, and you’ll be okay.Stop caving to peer pressure! Bring your own lunch, or a cute posh salad made with spinach and cranberries. That will really show them how super awesome you are.

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