I failed.


October 5, 2008 by missmegany

This is highly annoying, considering that I only had a week to go. But I failed. First, my friend Sam went into labour on Friday (so she couldn’t hang out with me like we planned) so I decided I would get a couple baby books and a book for her. Then we got Mac’s niece two Roald Dahl books for her birthday. That already put me over the amount that I had left. So then I kinda went crazy and spent money on cheesy chips that night…and an apple turnover yesterday afternoon… and a cup of tea… and a pizza. It was ridiculous. So then last night we went to Mac’s mum’s surprise 50th birthday party…. that came to £31.50 for the two of us–and I was the bulk of that because I also got a dessert and pot of tea. GRRRRRR….

This is on top of the fact that I realised that my mobile is not a necessity, so that should probably be counted as part of my £74.65. I only spend £10 every month and a half on my phone because I get free texts when I “top up”. Of course, then I have to wonder about things like LoveFilm (the British Netflix equivalent) and our internet. I’m inclined to think that the internet is completely essential. I NEED it. But, deep down, I know that’s not true.

It does seem like I’ve already spent the bulk of next month’s as well.

Maybe I CAN’T live on £74.65.


3 thoughts on “I failed.

  1. spookypeanut says:

    Awww, that’s a real shame. I really thought if anyone could do it, you could! Are you going to keep trying? You nearly made it, after all. I suspect if you include your internet / film subscription, it won’t be possible, will it?

  2. Robin says:

    Ohhh…. that blows. But if you AND Mac bought books for his niece, then that shouldn’t count as YOUR money… that should be both of your money. Or, split it 50/50. And what is the 31.50 for Wendy’s party? Was it at a restaurant?And you need better control with your spending. This reminds me of people who go on a diet. Let’s say this woman is GREAT with her diet, but then she is at a wedding, and eats a piece of cake. Then, she says to herself, “well, I already ate the cake, so another piece won’t hurt. And those cookies look really good.” So then she blows her whole diet because she made one little slip. But the thing is, its OKAY to make one little slip as long as that’s it. The one piece of cake won’t hurt her, as long as she stops there. This is the same as when you spent on cheesy chips. You should have said “Ok, that’s my one special purchase for today.” But nooo…. you’re like the fat lady who can’t control herself.I want to see a breakdown of EVERYTHING you bought. You started doing that, but then stopped. I don’t understand how you spent $150 in a month, not including groceries. (oh, and cell phone does count as a necessity, cause why the crap not? In these days, they pretty much are).

  3. spookypeanut says:

    I agree re: your phone. If you were spending £35/month on calls then maybe you should include the difference, but £10/month is about as little as you can expect to pay really.

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