So I failed…. but how to continue?


October 6, 2008 by missmegany

I was wondering how I should count the months. If I overspend one month (like this one), should I then take it out of the next month? Or, since my challenge is to spend less than £74.65 a month, should I just start each month fresh?

I think I should probably start each month fresh. Mostly because, if I count this month’s overflow, along with a mobile top-up of £10, AND the theatre/gigs I want to see this month, I will run out of money… and that’s without buying any cups of tea or crumpets. But maybe that’s the wrong attitude. I’m supposed to be reducing my spending, so starting over every month seems like admitting defeat. Of course, then I guess I’m on a yearly challenge rather than a monthly. I’m going to be tracking to see how many months I can succeed, and by how much I’m over/under. I guess that means I can start fresh, but still have it over my head in a sense.

It doesn’t help that our toaster sparked today. Toast is an essential, I think, because it’s groceries. So then a toaster, which makes toast, must also be an essential.



One thought on “So I failed…. but how to continue?

  1. Robin says:

    Yeah, start over fresh every month. Keep an Excel sheet of *everything* you spend. So far this month, I’ve spent $19. $14 was groceries, and then I spent $5 on Oxy Pads cause I’m breaking out on my forehead which has NEVER happened before. I think it’s another side effect of my thyroid stuff. So really, it’s a medical expense!Why don’t you use Freecycle to find a new toaster? I’m SURE someone has one floating around their house. Or, go to a second hand store.I think you REALLY need to stop buying food out places that aren’t grocery stores. Seriously. Knock it off.

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