My first month in numbers


October 17, 2008 by missmegany

Right. So here’s the breakdown. At the point where I went food-crazy and started buying all sorts of stuff, I wasn’t actually over by that point!! If only I’d kept better track, I could have known!

Transport has DEFINITELY been my biggest expense. Stupid trains and buses. At least I don’t have a car.

11 September

  • Train to Bournemouth £6.75
  • Entrance to Club Anemone £5.00
  • Birthday card for Anemone £0.60

15 September

  • Soup £0.35
  • Twix £0.45

17 September

  • Crumpets & tea £0.83
  • Soup £0.35

19 September

  • Vanilla yogurt drink £0.83
  • Art! by Andy Bever £5.00

20 September

  • CONTROVERSIAL bread £1.40
  • CONTROVERSIAL feta £2.80

21 September Train to Sway to see art £3.85

24 September Rice Krispie treat (!!!) £0.40

26 September

  • Falafel and chips before a gig £4.60
  • bus to more art £1.50

30 September Iron (essential?) £8.48

2 October Crumpet £0.43

3 October

  • Gifts for Sam & baby £17.00
  • Gifts for Katey (split) £5.50
  • Cheesy chips after a gig £1.50

4 October

  • Apple turnover before the all-dayer £0.70
  • Pizza at lunch before all-dayer (split it) £1.80
  • Tea at alldayer (it was kinda cold out) £1.50
  • Dinner at Wendy’s surprise party £19.50



£22.37 OVER!!!

That’s pretty rubbish. So a lot was on food, which I’m going to stop doing. Promise. And a LOT was on transportation. Plus, I didn’t realise how much I spent around gigs–not on entrance, but on just being tempted while I’m out. Thanks goodness I don’t drink! That would be disastrous.

Right. So THIS month, I need to not fail. At the very least, not fail so badly.

Stupid Megan.


2 thoughts on “My first month in numbers

  1. Robin says:

    But think about how much you would have spent if your friend hadn’t had a baby, nor if Mac’s mum had her 50th birthday. You spent 36.50 on those two combined. Just think that it won’t be EVERY month that your mother-in-law (!!!) has a birthday, or a friend of yours has a baby! So really, without those “irregularities,” you were really under by 14 pounds!!!! Think about it that way.

  2. Megan says:

    That’s true…. Although wait to you see where I’m at THIS month!

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