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October 18, 2008 by missmegany

I’m doing pretty badly. Well, REALLY badly. Four days into my second month, and I’d already spent 2/3 of my money!

I started my new month on Saturday. I got money out of the ATM on the way to Holbury to Mac’s niece’s birthday party. It was a costume party, but luckily no one had told me, so I wasn’t expected to turn up as a princess. There was an 8 year old flamenco dancer, which was pretty cool. We took the ferry for £4.50 round trip. Stupidly, though, we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to walk to the fire station, which is a little over two miles away. It’s not an amazing walk, because it’s on a busy road the whole time, but it was a beautiful day. Since we were in Hythe (imagine a picturesque sleepy town, but then realise that it has lots of crappy stores to keep the sleepy town running), I wanted to stop off at the Hythe Wool Shop to buy some yarn. . . .

That was my first downfall. I’ve just learned how to knit, and Mac’s been bugging me already to make him a sweater. I have tried to explain that it’s going to be a LONG time before I can make a sweater, but I bought some really nice chunky brown 100% wool yarn to make him a scarf. 4 skeins. Plus some tapestry wool so I can try making some of the designs that I found in this book. And it all came to £13.10. AUGH! By now I’ve finished the scarf (my first knitting project EVER!) and Mac had better wear it all the time. I’ve yet to use the crewel wool…. I don’t even know if it’s the right stuff! Crafts are my other big temptation. I don’t know if I can avoid that as well as food…..

So then we took the bus. We walked for a bit first because the next bus wasn’t for a good 20 minutes. We ended up taking the bus for about 1 1/2 miles. . . . . . and it was £4.20 for a return ticket PER PERSON. I should have just gotten back off the bus and started walking again. That means for the two of us to get to Holbury it was £17.40.. . . . . . . at our most recent CouchSurfing meeting it was all international people–not a Brit in sight, so we complained about a lot of British stuff. Public transportation was high on their list. I’m pretty happy that it exists at all, having lived in the US most of my life…. but it is pretty freaking expensive. I should still count myself lucky I don’t have a car. Gas prices have been going down and it’s about $6.60 a gallon.

That means within the FIRST day of my new month, I’d spent £21.80……. not a good start.

We went up to London on Tuesday, which cost £18.50 for the ticket (my young person’s rail card will expire in December and I’m now too old to get a new one and I think it will make me cry–why do I have to get old AND pay more money???) I forgot to get a travelcard added to it, so that was another £5.20. Stupid public transportation that allows me to go places…….. Entrance to the gig itself was £7, but WELL worth it. We saw Maps & Atlases who were amazing. I drove Mac out to Rochester NY to see them the day after our wedding–plus it was his first “American road trip”. I did realise that I think the cost of our combined train tickets was as much as I’d paid in gas to drive the 760 miles (distance there and back) to see them in the States.

In London I also bought two pieces of baklava because there was a shop two doors down that had a WHOLE COUNTER (!!!!!!) with different kinds of Turkish/Lebanese/Greek/wherever pastries. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. wherever pastries…..

So I’m down to something ridiculous like £18.20 . . . . . for the rest of the month. Dinner parties and free gigs that I can walk to, here I come!


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