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October 22, 2008 by missmegany

Robin has accused me recently of spending too much money. She bragged about the fact that she’s been able to spend nothing during HER “buy nothing month”. I think I’ve done pretty well considering what I’ve done in the past month and a half.

I’ve been to three different art exhibitions, been to see Ghostbusters at the movie theatre, and saw some archived footage of a film. I went to a play, and have been to at least 5 gigs, two of which weren’t in Southampton. I’ve met up with friends and had them over for dinner, and even been out to eat three times–once a couchsurfer paid, once it was my friend Dave (Dave and I are taking turns on who covers lunch—I made a Greek ‘feast’ last week), and once I had to pay (which is part of the reason I went so far over).

All in all, I think I’ve done pretty well.

Robin also has the added advantage of a car. She is counting her gas as “essential”, whereas any transportation I use, apart from my feet, I’m considering a luxury. In reality, it is. I don’t need to take a bus or a train. Apart from going to work or the grocery store (both of which I walk to), I don’t need to go anywhere.

As for my phone, I’ve figured out a solution—it’s already in my “bills” budget, so I’ve accounted for the £10 already. If I want, I could take it out of the budget and put it into my “spending money”. . . . If I do that, I should probably also take out Mac’s mobile money. Since he spends about £30 a month and I’m spending £5, that would give me more spending money and work in my favour. BUT, I’d already settled on trying to “live” off of the £74.65, so I think I should just leave things as they are, and not count my O2 bill as part of my “spending money”. That makes sense, right?

. . . .

I’ve also managed not to spend any money since my Greek food purchases last Friday (although it’s meant skipping a couple of gigs) so I’ll have enough to go to Reading to Jim’s birthday. I have managed to finagle a present out of thin air, so that won’t cost me either…. And then I just need to NOT SPEND until November 10th!


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