I suck.


November 23, 2008 by missmegany

in short, I suck. Why, you may ask? Well….. I:
a) haven’t blogged in week
b) went totally over budget from Oct-Nov. (I took out
an extra £20, so I spent at least that much)
c) stopped writing it down, so I don’t even remember/know how much I was over.
d) haven’t paid the slightest bit of attention in the Nov-Dec.

I don’t have a good excuse. I guess I’ve been thinking about what kind of things I buy, but I can’t even justify spending my money at local places. I spent £39 at Robert Dyas the other day. Granted, I ended up returning £15 of that, but still… I bought:
-two loaf pans–necessity? I had to throw out the old ones I had because they were leaving non-stick flakes on bread. I might have been able to source used ones from someone who had them lying around, but that’s doubtful.
– a glass measuring cup. Not a necessity–I still have one perfectly good plastic one (the other one is leaking after being cracked for ages)
– a set of files for Mac to try to fix our broken chairs (I returned this)
– super amazing glue to fix our shower rod (I returned this–the spring works well enough)
– energy saving light bulbs for our living room – we needed 1 new one, we replaced the other two non-energy saving ones… not sure where this stands.

I haven’t gone to many gigs, or travelled much, but I went up to Winchester two weekends ago to go on a yarn hunt–I ended up buying yarn for mittens, but didn’t manage to find elusive 100% wool sweaters in charity shops to unravel. Apparently a cheap way to get lots and lots and lots of wool yarn. I also got tea and cakes and lunch in Winchester. I think I was in a “I want to spend money so THERE!” sort of mood.

Other than that, I’ve bought lots and lots of cake and food at the Art House–which feels like my new home. I was there Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Friday (for a little bit), Saturday, and Sunday. I’m planning to go back tomorrow, when they aren’t even open to try to finish off some work. I’m wondering how long I can sustain it.

I’m also thinking of starting a second blog after the first WEN meeting happens on Thursday for the WEN group. I’m hoping that other people might want to share admin on it and use it for monthly challenges–a in-person version of Crunchy Chicken’s challenges (for example) However, considering I can’t seem to update this one, I’m not sure a second is a good idea. Maybe THursday’s meeting will reveal a keen blogger.

I’ll try to be better with blogging. I’ve been thinking about a lot of consumerism stuff, and I might benefit from writing it all down. More soon. Promise.

2 thoughts on “I suck.

  1. Robin says:

    I think that starting a new WEN blog would be cool. You can do a blog that has multiple authors, which would be great. That’s awesome that you’re spending so much time at the Art House. Maybe the more time you spend there, the less money you’ll spend in general? Unless you’re spending money there, too! You most definitely need to get better at bringing snacks with you places. Can you get organic yummy fruit bars (Lara bars!), or bring your own trail mix or something? You might need a larger bag to carry, but it’ll be worth it to carry your own food and beverage. What do you consider to be cakes? I’m thinking its cupcakes or other type of cake, but you’re not a real fan of American cake. So what is your cake?What can we do about consumerism and Christmas? I’m already semi upset and the family for mailing out Christmas cards. What a waste of money and resources. I didn’t buy anything on “black Friday,” and so far I’ve only bought one Christmas present. A metal wine rack for mom (that she’s already using).

  2. Megan says:

    I was going to make granola bars along with the granola I made the other day, but I didn’t. It was kinda late when I started it. And yes, sometimes I spend money at the Art House. I don’t know what to do about presents either. I might buy handmade for everyone. that and activity-type ones–like a trip somewhere or a nice day out or something. That way it’s not buying a THING, there isn’t any packaging, and you can promise to spend time wit hthe person. Maybe that? Way to not buy anything on Black Friday…. except weren’t you working all day?

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