Resolution-ish things?


January 2, 2009 by missmegany

Right… what do I want to include in my “things I will try harder at” list? Hmmmm….

Successfully buy nothing new. Pretty self-explanatory.

Get back into crafts/art on a regular basis and don’t give up/stop whenever it gets hard. I need to have less half-finished projects around. (Mac would be ecstatic if I managed that one) Plus there are all sorts of things I want to try. Maybe with “buy nothing new” keeping me from buying new crafts stuff, I will start using up some of the stuff I’ve collected over the years.

Start a yoga routine at home and do it on a regular basis that is manageable.

Run! I like running, and I love how it makes me feel good after I’ve done it, but I don’t do it often enough. I either need to learn how to pace myself and get motivated to go by myself, or find time to go with Nikolai or plan runs with Nina. I think it would be awesome to be able to run 5 miles, like Robin, but NOT every day. Unless I could run 5 miles quickly. I think I’d get bored otherwise. Or maybe I’d just get better at appreciating my own company (not a strength of mine).

Keep in touch. I’m so bad about writing e-mails, meeting up with friends who live near me, and writing actual letters. I especially LOVE sending/receiving letters, but I’ll never get any if I don’t send any. I really liked being Pat’s penpal back in the day… he has enough time on his hands at work to write back… I wonder if I could send them to Mr. Patrick X Brown, something something department, MIT. (Obviously I’d need the name of the department first)

Keeping schedules up to date and actually LOOK at them when planning things. I am going to an awful lot of meetings nowadays, and I have a very bad habit of not writing them down, or not looking at my diary when I plan other things. I want to keep doing all of this, AND have a social life, so I’ll need to be better at using my diary/calendar/google calendar (I don’t know about google calendar… I don’t use it much) to keep on top of stuff. Although, saying that, I don’t think I’ve missed an appointment yet. Maybe my memory is improving because I’m NOT writing it down. . . hmmm….

Be more organised at home. I leave clothes piled up on my dresser, and my shelving unit, and most other places. My desk will get cleaned and then immediately starts getting messy again (probably because I don’t USE it…) Our flat as a whole has loads of paper scattered around and a lot of things don’t have a ‘place’. Maybe I need Paul or Nina to come and help me sort everything out.

Keep Mac informed. This is a pet peeve of his, and I know it’s just me being inconsiderate. I’ll stop by someplace and not tell him when I’ll be back. He’ll worry or try to call, and I won’t answer my phone because I’m a doofus. Or he’ll be trying to figure out when to make dinner, and he won’t know when to expect me. It’s just courtesy.

Have soup nights! I’ve only had one so far this year, and I think they were very enjoyable last year—both by the hostess-with-the-mostest and my guests. I think more are in order.

And related to soup nights are slightly-smaller-but-more-effort-involved dinner parties!! I LOVE dinner parties. I love having people over for dinner, and then sitting around and talking for hours. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and you can hear what everyone is saying. Plus, sometimes it leads to us playing board games. And I really love board games!

Maybe these are just all things I want…. I don’t know what I should actually change about myself—something I should resolve to do. I think I might need an external observer to give me some ideas. (Like the Mac one—that’s one I KNOW I need to do, but wouldn’t have realised it without him saying anything) I will not yell at people who make suggestions. Promise.

It is really nice to look at the list and realise that NONE of these will make me buy new things. I don’t need nicotine patches, or diet books or exercise gizmos. I won’t be buying storage units to keep our flat organised, or get any new crafts supplies (unless they are secondhand). I guess I’ll have to keep my running shoes for quite a while longer…. Maybe eBay in the future?


3 thoughts on “Resolution-ish things?

  1. Robin says:

    I finally broke down and bought new running shoes in December. What happened was I was at the hotel ready to go for a run… but my shoes were in mom’s car, and she wasn’t around. So I went to Marshalls and bought new ones for $35. I had needed them for months. It was a good purchase.I definitely like your idea of finishing crafts. I also like your idea of making things to be more organized, such as that hanging towel that held things in the kitchen. That thing with telling Mac where you are should be easy! How come you don’t answer your mobile when he calls?I really like the yoga idea… you must, must, must do a plan. You have to get into the habit about it. Schedule it every morning, or every evening, or whatever. Otherwise, you won’t do it. You could do it every morning before work (since you don’t have to be to work until later, and you wake up every morning). The Pilates tape that I have is 4 different workouts, each 15 minutes long. Last night I only did the first two, cause I didn’t want to do a whole hour workout at 10pm.Your soup night and “keep in touch” ones are great, too! I recently found a crap load of postcards that I thought would be nice to send out to people. It’s nice getting mail. But mail isn’t very green. Unless you send recycled stuff. And the postcards I already bought… so I guess those are ok.I need to keep in touch with people, too.

  2. Megan says:

    Are those your postcards from your pre-teen postcard collection? You had some of the lamest postcards because you would just buy as many as you could and didn’t care what the picture was.Yes, I know I need a routine for yoga. Nina has a routine and has even written out the different steps. I can totally do that, I just need to have her show me…. and then develop the habit.

  3. Jani says:

    For yoga, a class is pretty much the best way to get and keep the habit, as you share motivation with a group (we are pack animals after all).I also think, like Robin, that having a short plan (say a couple of sun salutations) that you can definately do every day, then add on extra if you have time. I find if I say I’ll do 15 minutes I usually end up enjoying it and doing longer, but I don’t feel I have to which works better for me 🙂 – at least this means you do a little most days.

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