Buying Automaton


January 4, 2009 by missmegany

Right. So just a few days into y Buy Nothing New year, and I automatically said to Mac, “yeah, we could use some more blank DVDs” when he asked me if I wanted anything from in town. Despite the fact that he still had 4 sitting next to me. . . . that’s something like 18 GB worth of space! And I thought I neded more? It didn’t even click that it would be ME buying something if he “picked it up”. He wasn’t about to find it on the ground, or get a ripened pack off of a tree. I didn’t realise until he called back a little later to ask how many that I realised it was buying something new. Duh.

Maybe this is going to be harder han I thought. I thought my previous challenge had made me so much ore aware about my buying habits and how quickly we decie we “need” new things. Obviously not.

I need to work on thinking more.

*****clarification: Mac did NOT buy the DVDs, so I did not lose. . . but purely by a fluke. It was a good thing that he called me about them so I could say something*****

One thought on “Buying Automaton

  1. Robin says:

    You couldn’t even make it four days! Hahahaha. You suck! I made it a WHOLE MONTH without buying crap. I bought vitamins, I’d say that was the worst thing that I bought. And I have cancer, so I need vitamins. (Heh.) See my list here:, so what? You screwed up. You weren’t thinking about it. That happens. If it makes you feel better (and it won’t) I had a diet pepsi max today. Why? I dunno, I just wanted it. Will I start drinking it all the time now? No, I like sticking with Seltzer. But I wanted it, and I wanted the caffeine, so I caved. Sure, I could be bummed that my streak is over… 16 days? That’s awesome, but I wasn’t doing it for the streak, I was doing it because I want to stop drinking so *much* diet coke. Will I have one tomorrow? Probably not. Would I have in December? Yes. I probably would have had three a day! (Actually, reading your post I can’t tell if he actually bought them or not. Did he?? I bet you could get some through freecycle, say you’re only looking for 5 or something).But anyway, I think you need to do a weekly confessional or something. Does Blogger allow you to have separate pages on your blog? You could have a “F*ck Up Page” with all the things you did that you consider a screw up. You’re going to mess up. It will happen. Accept it. But log it, and learn from it. That is my advice.And what the crap do you use blank DVDs for anyway?? I bet you have friends that would give you some. That should be allowed, right? If mailing you things wasn’t so damn expensive, I’d mail you them! And mail you other fun things, too.

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