Weekly update (NOT the SNL kind, though)


January 20, 2009 by missmegany

Robin keeps bugging me that I haven’t updated my blog in a while, which I suppose is true (only when compared to her, though. . . . I just found the blog of my friend Jonathan who hasn’t updated it in 11 months

So what have I been doing since last Thursday?

I have started a bath mat that I might take apart and restart (I’ve already taken it apart once). It’s made out of donated T-shirts, so it hasn’t cost me anything. The cutting of the T-shirts was done mostly in a very gradual spiral like this:

Here’s a tutorial, but not exactly how I’ve done it here:

Anyway, I like it, but I’m not sure of the colours so far… I have purple and black. I’m wondering if I should take it apart and look for some more colours to make it look more like this:

I then ran out of purple and black T-shirts and hadn’t decided whether to keep going or take it apart, so I then started on making myself a portable knitting needle case. I wanted something somewhat classy, so I went with this pattern, which is more of a clutch than a roll.

Eventually I also want to make something similar to this, but a LOT nicer looking. I’m thinking retro fabric? Maybe a “Make do and mend” writing going down it? Any thoughts? Again, all this would be made by either a) fabric I already have b) used material I can find in charity shops or c) something donated.

I would LOVE to make a kitchen organiser made out of old dishtowels. It hangs on a hanger, and has pockets sewn in. (Robin, please tell me you saved that article… where did I find it???)

I’ll have to sort through these lists (one per month!!) to see if there are other things I’d like to do! http://tipnut.com/20-neat-o-projects/

What have I done that is NOT craft related?

We had a soup night, and I made minestrone—I’d put up the recipe, but I kinda made it up (it was pretty good) and Oli made DELICIOUS tomato/herb/pepper bread. The bread was wonderful, but there was FAR too little of it. I want more.

I made crappy baklava—I didn’t have enough filo sheets, AND I decided to use honey instead of sugar, so the syrup didn’t re-solidify. D’oh! I’ve learned my lesson and will use sugar next time. And less lemon juice—it was VERY lemony.

I went to a gig at the Hamptons (£3 entry, but it’s a fundraiser) put on by my friend who is an illustration student and saw some bands (I was also told I looked like a hot 12 year old. NOT impressed).

I sat at the Women’s Environmental Network stall at the Totton Go Green Fair on Saturday, learned from a woman how to make a wormery without it costing a fortune (awesome! . . . Although I’d need a bin, a tap, and some worms…. I don’t think I can get ANY of those used….), and got some people to sign up for our group. It wasn’t the busiest fair, but it was a great start for us at WEN—it was our first ever stall, so I’m glad we were able to get used to it.

I went and worked on an allotment (not ours) on Sunday for 3 hours and got really excited about allotments. I’m not sure how it would work with my buy nothing new challenge… if I want wooden frames? Mesh? Manure? Straw? What if I can’t get it used? Grrrr….. I know it’s surrounding the issue of food, but it’s also a hobby. This is a difficult one. Maybe I’ll just break the rules. . . . . AUGH. Of course, this would require us to actually go ahead and get an allotment. Heather and Jonathan (Heather was with me at the WEN stall, Jonathan was digging away with us on Sunday) were excited about the idea of having an allotment with us. If we could get two more people on board, I think it would be fairly easy. We’d go for a half plot (5 rods—125 sq meters) so that we weren’t too crazy.

I went to a Fair Trade Southampton meeting, sent a BUNCH of non-profit-related e-mails, and have more left to do.

I also became slightly addicted last week to apple muffins and coffee & walnut cake at The Art House. I think I was using it as a chance to spend money because it was an “experience”. That doesn’t mean I should buy cake everytime I go in there.

Mac and I have watched 2/3 of The Corporation, a documentary about corporations…. It makes the argument that they should be labelled as “psychopathic”. I think that’s a little ridiculous, and would settle for executives being held responsible for corporate actions. “Limited liability” my foot.

Yesterday I spent nearly £6 on brazil nuts and apricots in an attempt to buy “groceries” instead of snack foods. The result is that I bought a large quantity of expensive snacks that may get used in a recipe, but will more likely be used as snacks…. Or sit around for ages until they go bad and I have to throw them out.

So as for spending money, I spent:
– A couple pounds (£2? £4?) at the Go Green Fair so that I could eat lunch. (I still owe the Art House)
– Quite a bit of money over the past week at The Art House because of my cake addiction
– £3 at Hamptons (I didn’t have a drink all night)
– £6 on non-snack food snack foods.
And I think that’s it….

I hope that’s a sufficiently long summary of what I’ve been doing.

Please feel to comment about the rug (which I’d like to sell at the Art House, part of which would be donated to SCRATCH or a domestic violence refuge group), knitting cases (which I’d also like to sell at the Art House as long as they look pretty enough), the allotment, whether snack foods count as buying “something”, and how I’d make a wormery without buying something new.


One thought on “Weekly update (NOT the SNL kind, though)

  1. Robin says:

    I liked my idea about making an only black rug, and then an only purple one. However, that rainbow colored one isn’t TOO bad. But I’d rather one that was a solid color. It will match more.I haven’t been able to find that stupid picture with the dish towel organizer yet, but I am looking.You don’t look like a 12 year old. That person was an idiot.As for the worms, I bet you could try to get that stuff on Freecycle or used – especially the bin. but probably not worms – unless there is someone who does this, and they can spare some. I would assume that the worms reproduce? Then, you could offer them up to people too! It’d be Worm Exchange!For snacks, if you’re buying them at the grocery store, it’s ok. If you’re buying them at Starbucks or the cafe at your work, that is NOT ok. Because you shouldn’t pay 2 pounds for a yogurt that would cost 50p at Asda. And stop buying fruit cake at the Art House. I know it’s for a good cause, but you’re wasting money. Perhaps you should MAKE something at home, and bring it in for them to sell? Then, you can just eat one of those for free. (make 20, give them 18). Ok, and finally, my thoughts on the growing of food. I think that that stuff is ok because it is for food. Yes, it is a hobby, but is it really a hobby it it ends up giving you food to eat? That’s like saying “grocery shopping” is a hobby. I dunno, I saw buy the dang stuff, but do it smart. Don’t buy things you don’t really need, and try to get things second hand. Straw you might be able to get for free, as with manure. You might be able to make your own. I would look into it. Also, if you start a mini compost outside, you can use that as fertilizer, right? Look into other things that you can do. Also, construction sites or something might have extra fencing that you can have, or support beams for the fence. You can be creative. 🙂

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