Challenges, challenges, and MORE challenges

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January 27, 2009 by missmegany

Okay. I’ve taken £80 out from the ATM to try to see how I do on my original £74.65
AND I’m in the middle of an avoid supermarket month.
AND I’m still doing Buy Nothing New month (but I keep forgetting to cancel freaking eMusic!!)
AND I signed up for Crunchy Chicken’s No Food Waste challenge, which is turning out to be REALLY easy (YAY for tiny fridges!! . . . That is probably the first and last time I will ever say that.)
AND I’m now thinking about this whole £2/day diet challenge.
Maybe I’m a little bit crazy. Or, maybe these things all run really well into each other.

I’m excited most about the £2/day challenge. Maybe because it’s new…. Or maybe because it’s a bit more of a challenge (to my day-to-day life, anyway) than the others. Although avoiding supermarkets has been a bit of a pain, Mac has been bearing the brunt of the purchasing (for which I am VERY grateful).

As soon as I get a freaking battery for our scale, I can start calculating how much we’re using of everything, and how much it all costs. I probably need to have it for tomorrow (AUGH!) because I figure the best way to measure the cost of the Riverford veg is to weigh each item, and determine its cost compared to its cost if you buy it individually. The other option is to spread the £10.40 over the week, and just automatically count 75p into the total every day. Thoughts?

Sarah (my American coworker) thinks it will be a lot of work, but I think we’ll get the hang of it fairly soon. Plus, once you’ve determined how much a cup of oatmeal costs or a slice of bread, you can then use that again and again. I estimate about 20 min per day to determine it…. Plus maybe another 15 to blog about it! I also want to take pictures of things to document it—I figure if we have this food conference (MY FIRST EVER GRANT PROPOSAL—I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!) then it would be nice to show people that you CAN eat well on a limited budget. Yes, I need to acknowledge that I’ve been able to have the money up front to buy the items in our cabinet/fridge, but I think that would be possible if you’re willing to live on rice/beans and porridge for a couple days to build up some cash. Plus, how many people out there (who are in housing—I’m not counting the homeless) who are really limited to £2 a day in the UK? Surely being on benefits or child support or whatever gives you more in allowance. And a minimum wage job – rent, bills, etc. should still give you more than £14 a week. Even if you have kids, I’m sure it’s manageable. I wish I had some friends who have young ‘uns who would be willing to try this.

OOOOOH! We’re hoping to get an allotment! Well, me, Heather, Jonathan, Chris and Natalie are all hoping. Mac is feigning disinterest, but I don’t believe him for a second. At the moment he’s insisting that until I prove to him that I will actually work on it regularly for 6 months, he’s not having anything to do with it. But with five other people pulling their weight, helping to buy things (AUGH! Buy nothing new dilemma!!) and getting the initial hard clearing of the soil done, I bet he’ll crack in no time. There are only a few half plots available—two. TWO half plots, and they are awfully tiny. There are a few more 10 rod plots (7 ft x a LOT—sorry, I can’t do the math) and then a couple 14 rod. I would ideally like a half plot to start with, even if there are 6 of us, BUT 10 might be doable… Especially since the half plots are really 1/3 plots.
I’ve also had about a million meetings lately, which is a great way to not spend money, and a real obstacle to blogging. I barely touch my computer at home now unless it’s to check e-mails of the various groups I belong to. Productivity, ahoy!


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