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February 2, 2009 by missmegany

Mac and I have taken the plunge a day late, using February 1st as a test day. I think we would have passed the £2 limit, until we went to a screening of SmashEDO at the Hobbit and we both spend an extra £2 on vegan desserts—they had apple and raisin strudel! I couldn’t help myself!

I worked out a few of the prices for things yesterday, and I think the spreadsheet will be invaluable.

Right, here’s the breakdown:

– Breakfast: ¾ c of oatmeal this morning (55g) with 20g of raisins—18p for Megan, Mac had nothing.
– At Work:
1 cup of green tea. Granted, I used the same bag probably 3 times (drying it out in between), but I’ll pretend I’m not that weird and just count the whole 4p.
– Lunch: leftovers from last night. Roasted leeks and lentils with tomatoes and garlic plus some parsley from our garden. 42p
– Snack: 50g of pistachios each. I’m guessing it was
£7.50 for a kilo bag, and we ate 100g worth. So that’s 38p.
– Dinner: Parsnip patties, swede mash with coconut milk and lime juice (leftovers from a couple days ago) and scorzonera with sautéed mushrooms. You can see the horrible dark photo to your left. Total was 63.5p, but I split it evenly into four (for us tonight and tomorrow’s lunch), so that’s 16p per portion, not including the veg.
– Riverford cost: 75p per person per day. From our box today came leeks in our lunch, plus swede, mushrooms, parsnips, and scorzonera. Imagine it looked like this, but COVERED in black dirt when it arrived. It was delicious, though.

Grand daily total:
Megan: £1.93

I realised just now that this IS going to seem like a diet because of the amount of weighing and measuring I’m going to have to do. Oh well. It should get easier as time goes by. I’m thinking of baking tonight so I won’t be nearly as hungry tomorrow. I figure I should be able to make cookies pretty cheap. We’ll see how it goes.


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