Day 2


February 3, 2009 by missmegany

My experimental seitan (wheat gluten protein fake-meat) disaster will have to wait for another day. It’s late, and I only just finished totalling up what we had. Part of the delay was making cookies! (HOORAY!) and part was entertaining my friend Nina and our couchsurfers. Nina LOVES the idea of our challenge, but she eats most meals while working at the Art House, so can’t really try it herself. Our couchsurfers seem intrigued, but I made sure to tell them that they are under no obligation to eat with us.

Turns out ginger is dirt cheap (1.99 a kg, and you’ll only ever use a couple grams on your food.

Mac’s trying to sleep and I’m bugging him, so here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast: Megan had oatmeal and raisins again for 18p. Mac had nothing.

At work: Megan:1 cup of green tea for 4p. Mac: 2 cups of rooibos for 6p total.

Lunch:Leftovers. 16p. There was plenty left. I wish I had some sauce for the parsnip patties, but it was tasty. People were “ooohing” over it at the Art House, which I thought was a good sign. Mac left his leftovers at home and didn’t have a chance to get back, so he ate some cabbage left from Saturday night–it was mostly Riverford red cabbage, plus some coconut and coconut milk. A REALLY weird recipe, but kinda good. Oddly. His was probably 10p? I’m totally guessing. Plus he had swiss roll left over from some work celebration.

Dinner: NO Riverford veg went into this, which was stupid. For 75p regardless, you’d think we would have made a side dish or something.
We had chana masala off of the One Dollar Diet Recipe page–they only have 4 recipes on there. It was great. It made TONS! All for 24p per serving–and that’s WITH rice and without any veg inflating the size. Crazy how cheap it was!

Dessert: One cup of tea each with milk. I’m guessing 7p, but I might be a little high. Also, one homemade chocolate chip cookie each! That’s 6.5p per cookie–we used an egg replacement “recipe” to make it cheaper. I wish I could remember what website I found this on:

Replacing eggs in baking is easy. Mix together in a separate small bowl:

1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
2 Tbsp. flour
3 Tbsp. water

for each egg you want to replace. (You can double, triple, whatever these proportions.) Add them to whatever you’re baking. I’ve used this very successfully in carrot cake, banana bread, gingerbread, different kinds of cookies and muffins. Just don’t use it for anything that really does need eggs, like angel food cake.

It worked really well!

So, total for the day:
Megan: £1.86 (and half a pence)
£1.46 (He’s just lucky I’m not counting that swiss roll)

Tomorrow Mac’s having toast, so maybe I’ll win. Probably not, though.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Robin says:

    What is a pence?And Mac should eat breakfast, because it’s good for you, and NOT eating it is very bad for your body and your metabolism. I really like the idea of figuring out how much food costs. I’m currently keeping track of how long it takes before I finish a box of cereal. I started my box of HBOO on 1/31, and it’s almost empty, but not quite. I’m also starting a new organic milk (!) soon, so I’ll write the date I start using it on that, too. Then, I can figure out the cost of it per day.This would be very easy for me, because I eat the same thing for lunch and breakfast everyday. I know you don’t like that, but I LOVE it. HBOO and spinach salads are the best. I think I finish a bag of spinach in 3 days, and I think it is about $2 a bag. So that’s about $.67 a day on just spinach. But if you’re doing 2 pounds, then I’d be doing $3.50? There are 8 cups in my half gallon of milk, and I use half a cup every day. So that is 16 days worth. At $3.50 a gallon (on the high end), that’s $.22 a day. Wow, I should try to figure all my meals out!Do you guys not eat any fruit? We’ve been getting oranges and clementines lately, because they’re in season in Florida, and apples are still around from this fall (they’re just kept refrigerated). I’m not sure where our bananas come from, though.

  2. Megan says:

    We haven’t bought any fruit yet. I bet we could fit it in. There are still some British apples around and oranges from Spain. YOu can often get a bag of oranges for a quid, but I don’t know where they will have come from. At the moment, though, we have cookies for snacks! I think we should wait until those run out before we try for anything else!

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