Day 3 – a confession (but with pretty pictures)


February 5, 2009 by missmegany

Okay, so we failed yesterday. By 10 and 11p. (Mac still beat me)
I think we were just overambitious.

We both had some of those cookies I made the day before
(still delicious!) AND we used tempeh in our dinner (more a luxury than we realised, unfortunately)…. and a LOT of soy sauce (who knew it was so pricey!)

However, we did make enough food for 8 (!!!) so we have enough expensive leftovers to feed an army! I might ask our couchsurfers (our Aussie guests Becks and Squid–aka Becky and James) if they want to take some for lunch. That way the expensive stuff is gone and we can start again.

We made a beautiful stirfry–very colourful!

Started by marinading tempeh (I can’t get over how delicious it is) in soy sauce, lime juice and a little bit of chili flakes. Heated some olive oil (we ran out of vegetable oil) and cooked the matchstick carrots first, then loads of leeks (it doesn’t look like much in this picture, but trust me. There were oodles of leeks)

then some garlic, spring cabbage and red cabbage, then the tempeh (I wish I had a photo of the super-expensive-for-our-budget-but-really-not-that-pricey tempeh). Added some ginger, broth, a bunch more soy sauce and a Tbsp of lemon juice.

I’m happy that I’m getting better with my on-the-fly stirfry making. Woo-hoo!

That was made after the rice was already on and the sesame-fried
swede with tomatoes was almost done, which is good because I am a huge fan of still-crunchy vegetables in my stirfry.

This is the swede while it was starting to cook (I had my doubts about it cooking fully without boiling it first, but it worked) with the sesame seeds roasting in the background:

Now, despite the HUGE overwhelming presence of lots and lots of vegetables all covered under our daily 75p of Riverford (yes, it’s not a perfect system, but hey) except for half a tin of tomatoes, the tempeh and soy sauce were just too pricey.

Here’s our dinner:

and here is the breakdown of our dinner:

30p garlic (organic)
25p tomatoes
81p soy sauce
3p ginger
9p lime juice
3.25 tempeh
66p rice
30p olive oil
4p bouillon

£5.73 total (excluding vegetables)

72p per serving (3 of us eating dinner, 5 set aside for leftovers!)

Add to that:
Breakfast: 19p for two slices of local bakery bread and organic jam – Mac had breakfast!
At work: tea 4p, 2 cookies 13p
Lunch: 24p – leftover chana masala and rice
Riverford: 75p

Grand total, £2.11 for Megan and £2.10 for Mac.

We discussed a bit what to do since we went over our limit. We didn’t come to any real conclusion. Mac thinks we should just carry on, and that the fact that we’ve been under this week should make up the difference. I don’t really think that should count, and I wonder if we should make up a day. We haven’t decided. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


One thought on “Day 3 – a confession (but with pretty pictures)

  1. Robin says:

    You know, I was just thinking about this yesterday. Because on Tuesday you were both down by 68p, doesn’t that mean that you can add that to another day?I think that would be pretty fair, because then those two days would add up to 8 quid total. I guess it all depends on how you want to do it. As long as you don’t go over 28 quid for the week, that’s still very impressive.Or, you can just limit yourself to 2 quid, and realize that some days you might be a little over. But realize that some days you are under, so it’s ok.Oh, and the tea I’m drinking (lemon herbal) is 15 cents a cup!!! I feel like I’m being cheated! I looked for it in bulk (or any delicious looking herbal tea), but couldn’t find any at Market Basket. I will keep looking, because 15 cents seems like a lot.

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