Day 4

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February 7, 2009 by missmegany

Breakfast: 19p
Tea: 4p, 4p
Lunch: 72p
2 cookies: 13p
Dinner: provided by couchsurfers
Riverford: 75p

Total: Both of us, 1.87

Dinner was AWESOME, but Day 4 I think we’ll be repeating. Our couchsurfers made us dinner, and Mac thought we should have to redo that day at the end of the month. It was delicious bean and cheese quesadillas (mmmm….) and then a dessert (well, it just took a long time) of DELICIOUS red cabbage with apples. It was a little crunchy and mushy and sweet and wonderful. I thought that we should accept the meal, as it’s sort of like working for food–you know, in lieu of payment for staying over. Maybe?

We had more of our lovely local bakery bread with organic jam for breakfast…. which tastes delicious but is NOT enough for breakfast. I get awfully hungry. Lunch was a MASSIVE portion of the evil expensive tempeh meal, but it still tasted great. I took ones in for my work colleauges–my boss told me that it was great—as good as an ASDA cookie. I wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment. I decided against it.


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