Day 7 – more failure…. on Mac’s part.


February 11, 2009 by missmegany


So we failed AGAIN. (More failure to come as well)
The dinner Mac made was just too expensive, and we didn’t know in time to try to pad it out with other cheap things and make it last a few more days. Maybe we need to estimate costs BEFORE we cook. I blame the spices, the poppy seeds, and the olive oil. Mac might try to get vegetable oil so we don’t keep using olive oil all the time. I think maybe we should cut down on olive oil and spices when a recipe calls for them….

I didn’t eat any of the evil meal (it was good, though) so I’m under my limit for Sunday….. but then leftovers strike. *cue scary music*

Breakfast: 19p toast + jam
Lunch – leftover hot pot with bread – 31p + 4p
snack – 1 flapjack – 17p, Megan – 2 tea 5p, Mac tea – 2p
Dinner – Mac – dhal and cauliflower 75p, Megan pigged out on Kulbir’s delicious rice while at a meeting. It was rice, chickpeas, spices, carrots, corn and peas. Not too pricey… but she did have 4 bowls!!
Riverford – 75p

Mac – 2.29, Megan – 1.51

PLUS Megan got some free tea and individually wrapped biscuit things while in the waiting room for the audience before we were on TV. OOOOOOH! It’ll be here for a couple days:


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – more failure…. on Mac’s part.

  1. Robin says:

    Megan, really… you guys still did okay, because you were so under. Your total cost is under 4 pounds! I say that’s not failing!!!And that stupid BBC thing can only be viewed in Britain. I’m trying to find it on You Tube.

  2. Robin says:

    I found it! Part one, part two're at part one, around minute 9.I'm so excited to show mom!And I could tell that you were trying to sound a bit British. 🙂

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