Day 14

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February 16, 2009 by missmegany

I was at the seed swap all day on Sunday, and Mac brought me lunch. It was awfully hard seeing lots of really nice cake and pakoras and samosas and not buying any of them. The seed swap was a success, the WEN group got a bunch of sign ups, and Transition Southampton did EXTREMELY well. I was really happy with it.

It was a shame when my day started to suck a bit that night. After dinner I spent a HUGE part of my evening trying to measure and do the maths for the last few days of the challenge. Mac gave up on watching a film with me and went to bed. I gave up on the maths and went to bed too.

The challenge itself is great, but I wish someone else would record it all and work everything out for me.

Celeriac and Potato Gratin-Ish Bake – Serves 4, 69p TOTAL, 17p per serving
I made this up because I didn’t like any of the gratin recipes–they were all too expensive, using white wine or cream. We went for a cheap version and added garam masala (an idea from a Riverford recipe, I think) for a different kind of flavouring

Celeriac (RIVERFORD)
700g (ish) Potatoes (35p)
2 cloves garlic (15p)
1T veg oil (3p)
1T stock (6p)
2 c water
1T garam masala (8p)
Breadcrumbs (enough to cover the top. I just shaved off a loaf of
bread then toasted it) (2p?)
Butter – 25g (13p)

Preheat oven to 180C
Par boil celeriac (cut into potato-sized shapes) and potatoes
While both are boiling, mince garlic and cook in oil until soft (DON’T let it burn!)
Boil water.
Mix stock cubes/powder, water, garam masala and sauteed garlic together in a container.
Remove celeriac and potato from the water and slice both VERY thinly (so don’t overcook the potatoes or this will be near to impossible!)
In a casserole dish, layer celeriac, then potato, then add a bit of stock/garam masala/garlic to each layer. Continue layering.
Grate bread into a sandwich tin and place in the oven for 5 min
Remove breadcrumbs from oven and add in a pinch of thyme. Top dish with breadcrumbs and dots of butter.
Bake in over 20min. Can cover if you think the vegetables might not be soft enough. It will probably be fine either way.

Breakfast: porridge. I had it with raisins 13p and Mac had it withjam 17p plus a cup of tea, 4p
Lunch: leftover chili lasagne 55p
Snacks: Megan – 2 cups of tea – 8p and about 3 tortillas that evening 18p, Mac had nothing during the day. Martyr.
Dinner: celeriac and potato gratin-ish bake 17p
Riverford: 75p

Megan £1.90, Mac £1.64


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