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February 21, 2009 by missmegany
It’s all about how Amish neighbours helped out their non-Amish Ketuckians when an ice storm hit and everyone lost power. I wish we’d had some Amish in Fitchburg!

I LOVED this article. How awesome are the Amish? How great is resilience and grit (that the newspapers said all of England is lacking)? I love the fact that while things seriously sucked, there were some people to remind us that actually, it’s completely manageable and people did it for a fair few hundred years, thank you very much.

It does make me want to take a couple courses so that I know how to do things for myself. If something went wrong in the flat, I wouldn’t have a CLUE what to do without calling aprofessional–that’s for repairs, plumbing, doctor visits, everything. I realised that my “skills” are all about talking and office skills. Put me in a jungle or forest or just away from electricity and I would probably die in a week. There is something for knowing that you don’t rely on lots of gadgets or other people to get by. Or at least having that knowledge as a just-in-case. Maybe I will take a woodworking class or something. At least get used to using my hands. I guess the allotment will help loads with that!


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