Day 24


February 25, 2009 by missmegany

I had some people over for a Transition Southampton meeting on Wednesday, so Mac made a quick and easy dinner that we could have before or after. They left around 7:30, and dinner was just about finished.

Mac made a super easy pasta dish with olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and roasted broccoli. It’s almost not worth writing instructions because it was so easy. But I will anyway.

Roasted Broccoli with chili and garlic pasta – serves 4
– Cut the broccoli into florets. Save the main stalk for a day when it would be better used. (in a stock, or in a hot pot or something else)

– Put broccoli into a large roasting pan so they aren’t piled on top of each other.
– Cover with a few T of veg oil. Cook in oven at about 180C for 20-25 min. The broccoli will brown a bit, but shouldn’t burn. I would stir once halfway through.
– Thinly slice garlic
– Heat 1 T olive oil on low heat. Add a shake of chili flakes and garlic.
– Cook slowly so that garlic becomes golden but doesn’t brown.
– Cook pasta according to directions
– Drain pasta and add to pan with oil. Stir to coat. Serve with broccoli on top.

(O) One large bunch of broccoli
(O) Pasta – 84p (this is both organic and fair trade from the local Fair Trade shop)
olive oil – 10p
(O) 2 cloves garlic – 15p
4T veg oil – 8p
chili flakes – 2p

Megan: (19p) Half a slice of bread
(O) and a glass of water before I went running, then a bowl of Oatmeal (O) (I ran out of raisins) 8p + 7p, cup of tea 4p
Mac: Toast
(O) w/ marmite & butter (O) : 15p + 4p (19p)
At work: Mac: 2 cups tea
(O) (6p), Megan: 1 cups of tea (O) (4p)
Lunch: (44p) lentil and swede mixed in with the last of the curry

I had half a cookie when I got home (3p) and a cup of green tea
(O) (4p)
Riverford: 75p
Dinner: 50p pasta with broccoli
(O) , garlic (O) and chili flakes (29p) plus 1 1/4 slice of bread with butter (22p)

So I put all this information into and it told me that for what we ate this day, it is just about complete proteins for the day (99–anything over 100 should be a complete protein) and we’ve had 117% of the daily recommended amount of protein. (probably a bit less for Mac, because he’s a guy)

Not bad. However, it’s apparently not very nutritionally balanced–it got a “completeness score” of 53. . . . we need more vitamins and minerals, apparently.

It did say that day only gave us 1538 calories. Oops. That’s quite a big chunk less than I think it should be… I was always told 2,000 for women.

The money total for today is: Megan: 2.00, Mac: 1.95


2 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Robin says:

    This dinner sounds very boring. Was it? If I had made it, it would be.I am so proud of you that you went running!!! If I live with you for a but this summer, I’m going to go every day, and you’ll be welcome to join me!!! Do you think you would have a bicycle I could use? That would be SO FUN!What is marmite? And you should get more raisins! They are so delicious. I eat them in my spinach salad, and they make it deliciously sweet.

  2. Robin says:

    Oh, and with your calories being so low (actually, 1500 isn’t too bad), are you losing any weight? It seems like you’re eating a lot less than you normally do, because I know that both of us love to snack.

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