Day 25 – We kinda cheat.


February 28, 2009 by missmegany

So we kinda cheated. Thursday was a WEN meeting at 7:30 AND supposed to be a coordinator’s meeting for the Art House at 6 AND Mac was meeting this woman from Listed (a local listings magazine) at 5. So I didn’t think we had time for dinner. I suggested that we eat at the Art House. Which we did. We got given the soup, but I paid full price (3.25) for the pasty. Which means we cheated. Of course, I cheated more on Friday, but that’s still to come.

I’m tempted to find out the per-portion cost of the food at the Art House and work it out–after all, they buy their veg from Riverford…. so shouldn’t that count as part of our 75p per person per day? Probably not.

I think we’re just going to make up this meal after our 30 days (we thought doing this in February during the shortest month of the year was kinda cheating.

Breakfast: Megan: (12p) a bowl of oatmeal (O) (I still have no raisins) 8p, cup of tea 4p (O), Mac: Toast (O) w/ marmite & butter (O) : 15p + 4p (19p)
Lunch – leftover pasta and broccoli 29p. Plus, Nina at the Art House kept giving me loads of food–I got given a small bowl of soup
(O) AND some bread (O) AND a piece of stale staff cake (mostly O) . It was freaking awesome! I think Mac got 2 free donuts as well (those were certainly NOT organic).
At work – Megan had
(O) 1cup of tea – 4p, Mac had (O) 2 – 6p
(O) 1/2 pasty at Art House and a (O) small bowl of soup and Mac had a sandwich before he came to the Art House (probably about 20p?)
Riverford – 75p

TOTAL (excluding dinner) 1.20, Mac 1.49
Shame we didn’t eat at home that night. We could have TOTALLY made dinner that day and had dessert. Oh well.


One thought on “Day 25 – We kinda cheat.

  1. Barny says:

    At work – Megan had (O) 1cup of tea – 4p, Mac had (O) 2 – 6pMac had organic?I’m enjoying the blog so far by the way 🙂 Gonna have to try me some of these recipes.

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