Day 27 – another tempting weekend

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February 28, 2009 by missmegany

I think it’s harder on the weekend because if you’re at home you have your cupboards and fridge right there, daring you to eat from them. Definitely not fair. So far I’ve managed to resist.

Mac didn’t really have any lunch. I didn’t either until about 3pm when I finally got out of bed (I was hanging out in bed doing stupid blog updates (AAAAAARGH) and other stuff) and made myself a mushroom sandwich. I was absolutely ridiculous and used 100g for the one…. mmmm…. At £6 a kg, that means it was 60p just for the mushrooms. I think I may have gone WELL over my limit. Oops. Plus 15g of butter (8p) for cooking the mushrooms and two slices of bread (12p). I then added a thin layer of ginger preserves that we got given for Christmas by Jim and Mars.

This is an exhorbitant lunch at 80p!!! Oh no! I hate to think how much I went over today. . . . ugh.

RIght, so dinner was stirfry, using up the rest of the mushrooms (I picked them out of my portion because I knew I’d spent a lot already–I figured I would eat them the next day), pak choi and carrots from the Riverford box, some ginger and garlic, soy sauce, and a TON of rice. Mac wanted to add an egg again, but I convinced him to add some of the cheap broken cashews we bought from the World Food shop (3.50 a kilo instead of 6 for whole ones!)

Another Stirfry Combination
(this time without a recipe)

Sesame seeds (2T – 7p)
1/2 inch of fresh ginger (2p)
(O) 2 cloves garlic (15p)
1T soy sauce (9p)
(O) Pak Choi (RIVERFORD)
(O) Carrots (RIVERFORD
100g mushrooms (60p)
2 onions? (8p)
2 tsp rice vinegar (4p)
2c Rice (WAY too much) (45p ish- I’m guessing because I’m at work and can’t measure a cup of rice)
About 70g cashews (broken ones!! 25p)

As for directions, I have no clue. I know that Mac marinaded the ginger and garlic in soy sauce and possibly rice vinegar.
He also roasted onions in the oven and added them at the very last step.

Apart from that, I don’t know. I’ll have to ask. Sorry!

Breakfast – Mac had (O) porridge – 8p with 1/2 T (O) jam (he thought it was too little) 12p. I had (O) half a portion of porridge 4p with (O) 1T milk 5p. I also had a slice of toast with peanut butter and a bit of (O) jam (9p + 5p +4p) And we both had (O) tea with (O) milk – 4p That’s one organic-filled breakfast. (Breakfast total: Mac – 16p, Megan – 23p)

LunchMegan – 80p Mac must have eaten something during the day, but I don’t know what….

Dinner Megan – 29p (I picked out all my mushrooms and put them in the leftovers because I knew I couldn’t afford them) Mac – 44p

Riverford – 75p

Totals: Mac £1.35 + whatever else he ate that day, Megan £2.07.

I went over. Again. That’s what I get for eating a MASSIVELY expensive lunch. I would totally eat it again, though. Just not during this challenge. And 80p isn’t so bad when you aren’t trying to get it to add up to £2.00 every day.


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