Food I miss……


March 2, 2009 by missmegany

Apples whenever I want them (not when I have a spare 13p).
Cereal with milk and raisins.
Bagels with cream cheese.
English muffins.
Apple muffins from the Art House.
Eggs for breakfast on the weekends.
Spinach (even though I know it’s not in season).
Real toppings on pizza (although carmeslised onions ARE delicious).
Piling on peanut butter and jam instead of being stingy.
Bread and butter with dinner.
Eating more than 2 cookies if I feel like it.
MORE cheese…. cheese and eggs in dishes.
Dishes that use cream.
Chocolate every once-in-a-while.

Snacks in general. I rarely snack anymore….

Going out to restaurants
Takeaway pizza


This IS like being on a diet.


2 thoughts on “Food I miss……

  1. dstreb says:

    Just don’t waste away to nothing! Eat enough to stay healthy!

  2. Robin says:

    I’m sorry there is so much food that you miss. It seems like its a lot of dairy and fruit. So what ARE you eating? vegetables, pasta and beans? Would you guys think about doing a 2 pound weekdays, but have whatever you want for weekends? That way you could get in extra dairy or protein, or fruit or whatever else your body is lacking. or, if not the entire weekend, maybe just Saturday or Sunday, whichever day is less hectic for you guys? Once your month is over, I mean. Then you can alter the challenge any way you’d like.Oh, and mom wants to know if you guys are saving boat loads of money.

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