Day 29 – eating delicious beet and tamarind dinner!

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March 3, 2009 by missmegany

I had yet another meeting (it’s been every Monday for a month with WinACC’s Low Carbon Champion training… tonight was the last session, but I’m hoping we’ll meet together in smaller groups to update each other and share good practice later)
Meetings make dinner a little bit difficult. I am SO glad that Mac and I alternate cooking days (although often I play catch up and cook more when I have the time).

Mac made the beet and tamarind dish that I made up earlier in the month We rarely reuse recipes, but this month it’s been easier because then I don’t have to work out the cost again. (The beets were about the only organic thing in this recipe, unfortunately)

It was delicious, but WAY better the next day (I’m writing this on Tuesday) once the beets and potatoes had a chance to sit in the tamarind marinade.

Breakfast: (O) Porridge – I had it plain 8p and Mac had it with 1T of jam (O) 17p. I also had a slice of toast with peanut butter and a bit of (O) jam (9p + 5p +4p). I had what was left of the (O) milk (about a tsp, unfortunately) and a cup of (O) tea. 3p. My total breakfast cost was 29p
Lunch: We both had leftover pizza 39p. I had a bunch of free corn cakes (like rice cakes) that we got from the Art House and an apple 13p.
At work: Megan: 2 cups of tea – 8p, Mac: 2 cups of tea – 6p
: Beet, Potato and Tamarind gratin/bake. 34p Mac made carrot and parsnip chips (both organic and both from Riverford), but didn’t save any for me. Apparently they were good, but the parsnip ones were great.
Riverford: 75p

At my meeting I had this awesome pumpkin cheesecake (I’m not sure if there was really cheese in it) which the acting coordinator of WinACC had made. I definitely want the recipe. Plus, the winter squash (not actually pumpkin) she used was from her garden. She was awfully proud! (As she should be!) THEN I got offered half a bottle of super nice local apple juice to bring home. Woo-hoo!

TOTAL: Megan £1.98, Mac £1.71


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