Day 30 – Our last official day (but loads more to make up)

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March 3, 2009 by missmegany


I don’t know how we’re going to celebrate this. Considering that I’ll be at a meeting until 7ish and Mac will be at a saxophone modern music concert from 7pm on, we probably won’t be celebrating much.

Mac made soup from a lot of the Riverford stuff that was left over. Oddly enough, we still have half a pak choi, a WHOLE bag of potatoes, and 2 carrots leftover. I guess we should have been paying more attention to this.

Random soup – made 3 big servings plus 2 1/2 servings for lunch the next day – 11p
He used:
(O) 100 grams brown lentils (27p)

2 tbsp veg oil (4p)

1 ½ teaspoons whole cumin (3p)

(O) 1 tbsp stock (6p)

1 small onion (4p? Guessing based on the 20p/kg Mac paid)

(O) 2 carrots (RIVERFORD)

(O) 2 parsnips (RIVERFORD)

(O) Broccoli stalks (RIVERFORD)

Mac and I both made homemade chips–he made some for dinner for him and his brother and ate them all, and then I made some more and shared them once they got home. I am clearly the better person. 8 potatoes. – probably 22p for about 500g and then a splash of cider vinegar when they were finished. We’ll reuse the oil. For three people, that’s 7p per serving

I also made biscuits (the American scone-like kind) flavoured with week old wilty watercress and slightly moldy goats cheese that we bought at the market and Mac had warned me was going to go off…. I looked it up online and Mayo Health told me if I cut the mold off, I’d be fine. Unless it’s a soft cheese. Apparently you have to throw out soft cheese if they get moldy. It has to do with the process for making the different kinds. Because I shouldn’t have been wasting food, I’ve put in the whole cost for the watercress and the cheese, making these the most expensive biscuits EVER. Unlike the basic recipe that I made here.

World’s Most Expensive (Hyperbolic)
Local Watercress and Goats Cheese Biscuits

made only 13 this time – 37p per biscuit!!!! INSANE! (Without super expensive ingredients and counting the whole price because I’m wasteful and don’t cook things when I should, they are 4p plain and would have been about 21p or so each if I’d used half the goat’s cheese and half the watercress (or doubled the recipe to use them all)

(O) 2 1/4 c. flour (26p)
1 T baking powder (6p)
1 tsp salt (nil)
1/4 c shortening (5p–I am TOTALLY guessing. I bought it in the states)
(O) 1 c. milk (29p)
(O) Half a bunch watercress (whole bunch cost 80p)
(O???)100g goat’s cheese, grated (the whole pack cost £3.30)


Add 2 c. flour and dry ingredients.
Cut in shortening (Crisco, but I bet butter or marge would work too)
Stir in milk.
I often top up the mixture with more flour to make it a bit dryer, which usually ends up being a 1/4 c. add it bit by bit to check the consistency.
Chop watercress and grate goats cheese. Add to mixture and stir well.
Put on non-stick or greased baking sheet.
Bake 12-15min at 450F/230C.

Breakfast: (O) Porridge, both with (O) jam because I made it really dry for some reason 17p
Lunch: Leftover beet & potato tamarind 34p
At work: (O) 1 cup of tea: 4p AND Megan got free piece of cake!!
I then got chili and lemon spiced peanuts and a Geobar at my meeting, so I wasn’t hungry at all. (Both were fair trade, but I don’t think they were organic)
Dinner: 11p for soup, 7p for homemade chips, and then 1 biscuit each at an exhorbitant 37p
Riverford: 75p (ALWAYS Organic)

TOTAL Mac: £1.84 Megan: £1.85

Good thing we didn’t eat more than one of those biscuits.

And that’s it until we start making up days in a week or so!


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