Reviewing our month – and realising it keeps going


March 3, 2009 by missmegany

We’re at the end of our challenge….. ish. We decided to do it over 30 days instead of the 28 days in the shortest month of the year. We’ve also decided to make up some of the days. Not because we are masochists, though.

We’ve been under £2 on average for every week, but we’ve gone over a BUNCH. Both of us have gone over £2 5 times. In addition, we haven’t eaten all of our meals within our £2 a day. There were three days when we both got our dinners elsewhere—from our lovely couchsurfers, at Nina’s birthday, and eating at the Art House on a busy day. In addition, I cheated last week and had lunch with my friend, and I had two dinners at someone else’s house earlier in the month.

Mac’s opinion is that we should make up the days that we had a meal outside of the challenge, but those when we went over shouldn’t be made up because we should show that on some days we went over. To give you a bit of context, the most we went over was £2.29 (that was Mac on day 7 with that silly expensive cauliflower and dhal) and our average we went over was 10p. So no pricey meals to be found during the month, despite us going over.

I’m planning to make up all 6 of my days where I had a meal elsewhere, but I think it is going to have to wait a week or so while we eat some of this cheese we bought at the Winchester Farmers’ Market.

Robin’s idea was interesting that we keep the challenge during the week but not on the weekend, if we want to keep doing it.

I’m interested in still doing it, but I don’t know if I can stand doing this spreadsheet any more.

I think both Mac and I have liked doing this, and we’ve managed to eat well during the whole month. Yes, there is a long list of foods we are both craving, but we’ve been able to eat three good-sized meals every day, and we’ve managed to have chips and pizza, Italian, Chinese and Indian food. Not bad.

I think I might need to work on my recipe writing skills, though.


One thought on “Reviewing our month – and realising it keeps going

  1. Robin says:

    Oooohh… I totally didn’t even think of the spread sheet! It’s not just eating less, and eating special things, but also keeping track of it.At first I had meant to do it only one day a weekend (whatever day you’d be home, or able to cook), but maybe it would be best to not do it Sat and Sun to save yourself the hassle. Plus, I’m worried about you being malnourished.

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