Weekend away in Brighton

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April 7, 2009 by missmegany

Yes, I know I haven’t updated in two weeks plus. I am rubbish. In fact, I am SO rubbish that I’ve failed at my buy nothing new (I have bought a couple food things in addition to my horrible Snickers) AND I’m almost out of a month’s worth of £74.65 and it’s six days into the month (I started on the 2nd).

I suck. But, I’m leaving HSBC as a customer for the Cooperative Bank (hooray for banks that let you vote on their ethical policies!) rather than have my money and accounts split between the two. VERY good news. Also, I was away for the weekend and didn’t actually spend that much money.

I went to Brighton for the weekend, mostly to see volcano! play an ejectorseat night (they only played three UK dates on this tour and one of them was for Ejectorseat!), but also to hang out with Andy, give him his Christmas present and see some Transition-related stuff.

Andy’s Christmas present was that I was going to go to his flat for a weekend and make it a home. This meant cooking from-scratch meals, making him blueberry pancakes, and tidying up. I think I succeeded on all three counts! I arrived on Friday but hadn’t told Andy what time I would arrive, so I had an hour and a bit to kill while he bought beer for the Freebutt, the venue where he works (this was an ongoing mission over the weekend).

I spent my time wandering around the laines, and ended up spending £2.30 on old snapshots from a box full of photos in Snoopers’ Paradise. When leaving there, I bumped into our former couchsurfers, James and Becky who have been wondering around the world for the past few months. That day they were wandering around Brighton and had just purchased some fudge. We talked briefly about their involvement in Climate Camp in London as legal observers, what they’d been doing in Brighton, and my plans for the evening (I didn’t have any). I left them to look for a pie plate as mine has gone missing, but couldn’t find one. I was a bit upset that I couldn’t find a pie plate, but a trip to the (stony) beach and my fortune told by a lady who looked a little bit like this:

cured me. She told me to be wary of men with beards. I think that’s extremely good advice.

Met up with Andy, but we didn’t have time to get ice cream (everywhere was closed!) and I made soup instead. I also did the first of MANY dish washing sessions. I managed to go to bed at 11pm despite the club on the same floor as Andy’s flat being open until 1. This meant that I woke up at about 8:15, so I started cleaning. I attacked his kitchen, part of the bathroom (it wasn’t that messy), and was washing the kitchen floor when Andy woke up. We had french toast with a syrup I made out of heating raspberry jam and adding a bit of water. I did more dishes.

I had considered going to one or two community farms in Brighton on Sunday to work, but I was still so tired that I thought it wouldn’t be very enjoyable. Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll head back to see Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and will bring gardening clothes to work then. I think I should also plan to bring cupcakes or something to woo them and convince them to play the Freebutt EVERY time they come to the UK.

Insetead, I also helped Andy start to get rid of all the piles of paper that were needlessly filling his office—mostly on the floor. Nic arrived and (after thanking me for helping Andy clear away so much crap), we took a BUNCH of stuff out to recycle. We picked up postcards and food for the band, (including Tofutti cream cheese—boy was Aaron happy!) tried to buy alcohol except Nic didn’t have any idea and could have been under 18. So Andy bought weird beer from LIDL instead while we stood in line buying other things and pretending we didn’t know each other just in case. We also managed to buy toilet paper, trash bags, tin foil, AND a trash can all for Andy’s flat.

We also got Mexican…. Glorious wonderful Mexican cooked by a really nice Lebanese guy with prices, portions, and quality to rival El Volcan back home. (That’s a SERIOUS compliment)
Getting back, Nic decided cleaning wasn’t sufficient, so she started rearranging things. All of a sudden boxes were unpacked, CDs were stacked and/or put away, shelving was put up, and Andy has a home!!! I wish we had before and after pictures. I made soup and did more dishes. We all ate it, and I did more dishes.

Mac ended up not being able to make a decent train to get to Brighton, so I acted as the better half of Ejectorseat for the evening. I sat on the door, swapping with Andy so I could see Esben and the Witch and Hind Ear (formerly Revenge of Shinobi) and volcano!. I also had to stay on the door while Andy went out again and bought more beer for the venue as they were running out. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although standing in front of one of the speakers was probably not the best idea.

As an aside, here is the story of Esben and the Witch. I loved reading the color fairy tale books (pink, yellow, etc)

The next day I made volcano! the vegan pancakes they specifically had mentioned in their e-mail (thus securing ejectorseat’s position as one of their favourite UK promoters. We had also managed to get just about everything mentioned in their rider, including postcards)

I called Cookability!, a programme that is running in Brighton where people learn to cook—often disadvantaged people. I want to come along to one of their sessions and would LOVE to have something like this running in Southampton—come on council or Primary Care Trust—get your preventative heads on! I thought I might be able to stop by their office or meet up for a coffee to chat about how it works, but she just talked to me on the phone for the next 20 min about it instead. I then had lots more time to help Andy tidy and do little tasks while we waited for gas to arrive so they could have beer on tap in the venue (FINALLY!) and for a guy to look at his hot water heater and proclaim that it was way more expensive than he thought and would take a while. . . . . But then we forgot the troubles of the freebut in a big bowl of frozen yogurt. It was delicious!!! We also went to Ransoms, a wonderful shop that should be an essential in every town—the kind that will cut your keys, or sell you paint, dish towels, hammers, or cake tins. They did not, however, have the right kind of pie plate, despite their selection of about 20 different kind of cake and tart and quiche tins. Oh well.

Monday evening I went to the Sustainability Partnership meeting because I’m weird. Why else would I go to a meeting of councillors, representatives of businesses and other “partners” of the council to listen to them talk about what they are doing in Brighton and Hove? Actually, it was pretty interesting. I learned all about the Sustainable Communities Act (I don’t really understand how this is going to benefit people in practice—it’s a bizarre piece of legislation that will make proposals go on and on for about 2 years) and the new assessment procedures for local authorities. Okay, I found it interesting—I guess it doesn’t translate well into a short summary.

Andy paid for both the Mexican lunch and the frozen yogurt, so apart from buying a pasty so that I didn’t die of hunger on my way home, I didn’t buy a whole lot of food over the weekend that I didn’t make from scratch. This does make me wonder where all my money went, though. I resisted fudge and buying CDs, spent £2.50 that first afternoon, and didn’t buy any drinks or even a ticket at the gig. . . . Hmmm…

Anyway, that’s my boring and incredibly long recap of my lovely weekend away. I kinda wish I had taken photos, but I’m rubbish with that.


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