Day 1 (spring/summer) cost breakdown.


June 1, 2009 by missmegany

I think Mac and I are both thinking right now that we don’t want to be doing this challenge. We’re both hungry, and have been so ALL day. Hopefully that’s from not planning it well, and just throwing things together and hoping for the best.

I’ve tried to keep hunger at bay by having a tortilla with peanut butter after dinner, but I’m still hungry. Stupid hungry.

Riverford – 83p (We got the “seasonal box” this past week which is more than the small box…. but the small box had more UK produce in it. Go figure)

Both 3/4c oatmeal (8p), 15g raisins (4p)

At work (only Megan–2.4p)
Megan: 1 cup tea (2p), 2 cordials (0.4p)
Megan’s drinking – 2.4p

Lunch: 41.5p
I made this up this for dinner the night before, but liked it enough to have it again for lunch.
We also had it with a piddly garden salad made from lettuce, red pepper, bunched onions, and cucumber from our Riverford box AND lettuce from our garden!!!

Potato and Asparagus salad
Chop (into big-ish chunks) and boil potatoes until tender, but don’t overcook. Drain and set aside.
Grill asparagus with a little oil or butter. One of those nice ribbed grills that sits on your stove works really well. Have it on medium-high heat and turn them occasionally.
Meanwhile, add equal parts lemon juice and olive oil to a jar, along with some sage or finely chopped garlic. Cover jar and shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. Mix all together and enjoy. It’s good warm or at room temperature. It’s also good with grated cheese (but then, what isn’t?)

125g potatoes (12p)
125g asparagus (50p)
1T lemon juice (3p)
1T rapeseed oil (15p)

Garden Salad:
vegetables in salad from garden and Riverford
2 tsp cider vinegar (3p)

Dinner (at 40.5p) was haricot bean curry, except it was more like a spicy tomato sauce and we ate it over pasta which made it even more spaghetti sauce. It was good though. But NOT enough food.
We’ll need to make more pasta for tomorrow’s lunch, but there is enough beans and sauce.

100g pasta (24p) – 12p/person for the pasta, 28.5p/serving of the beans and sauce.
1 tin tomatoes (75p)
1T coriander (3p)
1T cumin (6p)
1T fennel (4p)
1cup cooked haricot beans (16p)
1 onion (10p)

12p for pasta + 28.5p/serving for 4 servings + Mac had bread (8p)
I then had a tortilla with peanut butter on it (it was what was left of some Sunpat Mac’s mum bought us, but I’ll pretend it’s our normal organic stuff for price sake) for 10p + 3p for 16g of peanut butter.

Mac: £1.85, Megan: £1.92. . . . except then Mac then had a piece of bread with Marmite for his remaining amount and I had 35g of raisins. Both of us: £2.00.


One thought on “Day 1 (spring/summer) cost breakdown.

  1. Robin says:

    Yay for another 2 pound challenge and blogging!!!!Please don’t torture me with any food things while I’m there, I’m having a hard time enough with my diet right now. All I want is a cup of peach greek yogurt. 😦

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