Day 1 – Starting all over again. £2 a day diet

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June 1, 2009 by missmegany

I ate lunch 45 minutes ago, and I’m still hungry. I knew that June 1st was coming up, but neither Mac nor I made any preparations for our second try at the £2 a day diet. Oops.

This morning we both went back to the obligatory porridge—I’m expecting that I’ll alternate between bread with either peanut butter OR jelly (although both are relatively expensive… as is the bread) and oatmeal with 15g of raisins. Both the raisins and the oatmeal are organic, bought at near-wholesale prices from the food co-op we belong to. The food co-op is probably what allows us to eat organic so inexpensively.

Is that cheating? If we’re trying to show that this can be done, is it wrong to use a co-op that has limited membership? I don’t think so. There are now guides online for how to set up a food co-op, interviews and advice from those who have done it before, and the internet. If you want a similar deal, find friends & family who feel the same way, and start ordering. You’ll need a few hours a month (or every two months), space to store the stuff, and some organisational skills. Yes, it’s more work than going to the supermarket, but it will save you a boatload in the process.

For this month, I think I’ll try to emphasise the ethical side of things a bit more. I got a lot of reactions from friends and colleagues when I would explain the challenge previously. “Two pounds? Wow, you must be saving a lot of money!” people would exclaim. I’d then have to say that I wasn’t doing it to save money. Why am I doing it? Because I don’t believe that ethical food is outside of most people’s means. If you can afford Sky TV, you can afford to eat ethically. If you can afford a mobile phone, or new clothes once every couple of months, there’s no reason why you can’t buy organic food as well. In fact, the amount that we’re spending (even if you take a conservative estimate of the exchange rate and converted prices of food) is 1/3 of the maximum food stamp allowance allotted to the poorest of America’s citizens.

I am a little concerned that our veg box this time of the year is filled mostly with ingredients for salad. I’m hoping that courgettes (zucchini) are on their way soon. I also need to try to book in that session with the vegan nutritionist to make sure we’re doing okay protein wise.

Lunch, dinner, and number crunching to follow.

Oh, I also need to plan a way to present the information on this diet at the Food for the Future ethical food open day that I’m planning. I want to give a good overview, maybe a few recipes, and say whether or not I think it was successful. Any and all suggestions are wanted!


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