Day 2 – Mushroom and Spinach curry, Rhubarb and apple crumble

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June 2, 2009 by missmegany

After yesterday’s fiasco, in which Mac proclaimed (loudly and often) that he was starving, I can’t believe we ate so much!

What’s organic? The oats, raisins, spinach, rhubarb, apples, white wine vinegar, green tea at work, beans and tomatoes from last night, and pearl barley.

What was local? The bread impatient Mac ate, the butter in the crumble, the rhubarb, the mushroom stalks, and the spinach and apples (at a stretch).

AND I’m going to bed fairly full having had a dessert.

Mushroom and Spinach Curry£1.24 total. 31p per serving with leftovers. Taken from Classic 1,000 Indian Recipes
300g mushroom stalks, 82p (See picture. I know you can’t tell how many there were, but it was DIRT cheap!)
300g spinach – RIVERFORD
1/2c wild rice (free!)
1/2c barley (about 150g?) O – 23p
3T veg oil 3p
1 inch ginger 5p
1 tsp ground cloves 3p
1/2 tsp chili powder 2p
1 clove garlic crushed 5p
1/2 tsp paprika 1p

Mix together the mushrooms, wine vinegar and honey. Leave to marinade for 1 hour.
Drain off liquid.
Heat 2tsp oil and fry ginger for 30sec.
Add mushrooms, fry 3-4min and remove from pan.
Heat the remaining oil and add spinach, cloves, chilli powder and garlic. Cover and simmer 3-4 min.
Stir in mushrooms, sprinkle with paprika and simmer, stirring, until well blended.

Some of you might be thinking–that’s a LOT of white wine vinegar. So, how was it? Alright. Mac didn’t like it–he found the vinegar and cloves far too strong. He was also upset that I ruined nice earthy flavours in the barley, wild rice and mushrooms with these overpowering tangy ingredients. He might be right.
I would, however, make it again with a bit more paprika, a little less cloves and vinegar, and over regular rice with a nice chutney on the side.

The Breakdown
Riverford – 83p
breakfast – 13p
lunch – Mac 12p pasta & 28.5p beans/sauce, Megan bulgar wheat, 28.5p beans/sauce
Megan drinking – 2.4p
dinner – 31p
£1.67 after dinner. Not bad!

So then we thought about what we’d like to eat in addition. I ended up making a rhubarb and apple crumble. Lo and behold, it worked out to be 32p. Magic! Of course, the fact that I started making it after dinner and it took 45 min to cook so that I just finished eating my portion at quarter to eleven was a little less than magic. Mac gave up and had a piece of bread with something on it. (definitely less than 32p)

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble
Now, personally, I don’t really like mixing my rhubarb with other, inferior, fruits. No rhubarb and strawberry for me. Rhubarb and apple is the same–especially with these too-sweet apples that we have at the moment (it isn’t apple season, so I shouldn’t be complaining.. . . although I would have happily traded them for some gooseberries… and I don’t even know what gooseberries taste like.

So, the crumble got an “ok” from me. However, it was a good way to use up some too-expensive-for-our-diet fruit.

£1.94 total. If 4 portions, it would come to 49p. If 6 smaller portions, 32p. Perfect!
300g of rhubarb (about 88p if I remember the price at the farmers’ market correctly)
72p for 2 apples at 36p each (again, approximate. The fruit bag from Riverford is a little hard to calculate)
1/3c sugar (I hope the sweet/tart balance turns out ok!) (6p)
1 1/2c oatmeal (16p)
24g butter (11p)
a dash of nutmeg (1p)

Preheat oven to 180C (350F)
Chop up rhubarb and apples–I usually go for a range of sizes so that some will turn to mush and others will keep their shape
Put in a dish (my quantities are small, so I used a cake tin) and top with the sugar.
In a bowl, mix oatmeal and butter. Rub together with fingers until you get pea-ish sized chunks. Add dash of nutmeg (completely optional)
Add to top of fruit.
Bake 30-45min (depends on size of container)
You know it’s done when the liquid from the fruit is boiling.


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