Winchester Farmers’ Market…

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June 2, 2009 by missmegany

…is amazing.
I LOVE it. Rochester and Syracuse farmers’ markets are a fading memory. Maybe they were cooler than I remember. Union Square (I think that’s where I was?) was pretty cool, but it can’t beat Winchester. Winchester’s market is run by Hampshire Fare who requires the items sold to be from Hampshire (my county) or within 10 miles of the border. I think that they might stretch that some of the time. . . although my geography isn’t great. . . but it would CERTAINLY qualify for a 100 mile diet. I kept forgetting to take pictures. And I missed a great opportunity to take a photo of everything I bought. I guess I’ll just have to take more pictures when I go next time (it’s every two weeks!)

What did I buy?
– A BIG bag of New Forest charcoal (it’s to support people doing
coppicing work)
– 5L of Cox & bramley mix apple juice by
Hill Farm Juice (that now is just about too expensive to drink on this stupid diet) for £9.75 (better than Copella at that price!)

– bag of potatoes and over a kg of rhubarb from Sunnyfields (the people who are catering our ethical food day!)
– butter from
Lyburn Farm–they also make the parmesan-style cheese that is dirt cheap and REALLY nice.
– organic sourdough bread…. which might also now be too expensive for our diet. But it’s SOOO delicious (£3.00 for 800g) It’s super pretty to look at. Dinner party bread, for sure.
– 500mL of Pratt’s extra virgin rapeseed oil. Okay, I need to look into this. We buy it because it’s a British alternative to olive oil. Less on the food miles. But then rape is supposed to be really bad for the environment (monoculture, lots o’ pesticides). So I need to do some homework. Still, it tastes nice and is a nice bright yellow. And the maker/owner is “lusty” as Hannah put it.
Two bargains of the day:
– 250g of asparagus for
£1. And it was delicious (even if there wasn’t enough of it…)
– 550g of chestnut mushroom stalks for
£1.50. I feel like I shouldn’t boast about this too much or he’ll run out of them. A super bargain, and they worked just as well as whole mushroom caps.


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