Day 4 – apple juice greed.

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June 6, 2009 by missmegany

Just to give you an idea of part of the process, I took some photos of me making breakfast. Since this is the least complicated meal in terms of cooking and the number of ingredients, it’s easier to show the steps involved in keeping track of the costs.
Of course, because we have porridge just about every day, it makes it a little bit easier–it’s on the spreadsheet and we’ve already measured it once. It means this process is a little different to what we do for dinner–then, we usually make the meal and then hope for the best that all the measuring we did won’t put us over once I check the spreadsheet.

So, in the morning I measure out 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal for the two of us, and just under three cups of water.

While that’s cooking, I get out the bowls and measure exactly 20g of raisins.

Mac usually eats more than I do, so if he’s putting the oatmeal in the bowls, he’ll weigh and measure them to make sure they are equal or that he has the bigger of the two.

Dinner is about 20 times more complicated, and usually involves somewhere between 20-45min sat in front of the computer comparing the recipe to what was actually cooked and then looking at the spreadsheet, weighing out things we forgot to weigh before (how much does 3/4c of cous cous weigh?) and looking up on the ASDA Online Shop for things we don’t know the prices of.

And then of course some days we go over anyway.

Riverford: 77.5p
Breakfast: Oatmeal 13p, Megan had tea 3p

Lunch: Mac: Pasta&Beans with sauce, 40.5p, 1/2 a portion of Rice salad 14p, Megan had mushroom and spinach curry leftovers for 28p

Snack: I’m leaving my job next week, and another co-worker is leaving on Friday. I brought it cakes from the Art House. Cost me a small fortune, but they were delicious. I’m going to count this as an exception to the challenge. Tough.

Dinner: I was going to cook… I was supposed to, but then I ended up being at the Art House for a meeting at 6 and then ended up organising the crafts (I’m partway through…) until 10:15 or so. I kept apologising to Mac (who was there with me using their wireless) and ended up making us dinner from Art House leftovers. We had carrot salad with raisins, walnuts and some vegan mayonaisse, plus a pile of hummus on the side and some salad leaves. Chances are it didn’t cost much anyway.

When we got home, since we hadn’t spent much, we both splashed out and had a glass of apple juice (49p!!!) and a slice of bread with butter 26p + 4p. This was our downfall.

Megan: £2.005… so really £2.01. D’oh.
Mac: £2.24 (and that’s WITHOUT any dinner!)

Maybe we should have figured out the rest of the day before we decided to drink super expensive juice. At least we were getting a bit more fruit than usual.


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