Day 6 – many many leftovers


June 6, 2009 by missmegany

Now that I’ve been able to have lunch and dinner without expending any effort greater than heating up leftovers, I’m kinda liking this whole Mac makes three dishes before he goes away thing. I just hope I still feel that way when I’m having them for the third day in a row.

Tomorrow I’m going to the farm to check out the space, number of tables, etc. It’s one week until the ethical food day. I feel like I still have SO much to do. I’m now wondering if I should do a presentation (as in, actually talk in front of people) on the £2 a day diet. Lissie, who volunteers at the Art House, mentioned that she’s really interested in the day because money is getting tighter and she wants some ideas. I’m not entirely convinced that we’re giving people concrete tips/suggestions about how to eat better. Yes, we’re giving cooking tips and gardening ideas, but will that help people in the long run? I don’t know…


Breakfast: Porridge and a cup of tea, 13p + 3p
Riverford: 77.5p
Lunch: Mac’s will have to wait until he comes back from holiday
Megan had garden salad (all from Riverford) and 30p for a portion of the quiona, chickpea, almond and tomato salad. Plus some of the probably-too-old crumble for 32.5p
Dinner: Megan’s was aubergine and chickpea balti leftover from last night with rice – 44p. Mac probably ate dinner at a pub with the conservation folks.

Megan: £2.00 (I wish I hadn’t had my dessert at lunchtime…. )


One thought on “Day 6 – many many leftovers

  1. Robin says:

    What I would do, is take photographs of your meals (or a few examples) – make them very beautiful – and then include a little snippet about what the food is, and the total cost. People SEEING the meal and the cost will shock them.I am very nervous about coming to live with you for a month, because I hate oatmeal. But that quinoa and cherry tomato dish looked awesome. Do you have any tomato plants? You could get one that's a big plant, and have it on your back porch in a pot. Yum.

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