Day 12 – in which one of our heroes battles sickness valiently


June 12, 2009 by missmegany

I was sick on Friday (otherwise known as day 12). I felt fine, but kept throwing up. Sorry, that’s not really appropriate conversation for a food-full blog, but it explains why on the breakdown for that day it lists pretty much only toast (and it was cheap Co-op brand bread, too)

I spent a few hours at the food co-op that we belong to sorting orders until I was sick and realised I should go home. So I went home…. and wrote up some resources, sent them off to Staples to get copied, helped Chris pot up compost for the salad kit giveaway, bought some supplies, and eventually had to go down to Staples to help them re-format some documents and pick them all up. And every so often I’d go to the bathroom and throw up. By the evening I was feeling really hungry, but didn’t want to try eating food. So we went to the Illustration show by the third year students at Solent University (including work by my friend Kate. I ate half a brownie (probably not the best first food to try) and eventually went home to have four pieces of toast and two mugs full of broth. Delicious.

Mac was in a big hurry to go to about 3 different gigs that night, so he left me and ate some of the food I was given for helping out with the co-op (which I had absolutely no intention of eating) before quickly leaving.

As a result, not a whole lot going on this day food-wise.

Breakfast: Porridge with raisins, 13p
Riverford: 85p
Lunch: Mac had leftover kohlrabi stew (21p + 3p of cabbage). Megan had 2 pieces of dry toast (yum) 10p and peppermint tea (5p)
Dinner: Megan: 4 pieces of (super cheap) toast with peanut butter (20p + 12p) , 2 cups of broth (6p) Mac: food I got for free from the co-op

Total: £1.22 for Mac, £1.45 for Megan.


One thought on “Day 12 – in which one of our heroes battles sickness valiently

  1. Robin says:

    I'm surprised you kept working so hard even though you were throwing up. I'll say it again – you're not prego, right?

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