Day 13 – Food for the Future!

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June 13, 2009 by missmegany

Saturday was the Food for the Future event at the Down to Earth Community Farm. It went really smoothly, all the events went well, but we just didn’t get nearly enough people throughout the day. I think it was probably about 80-100 (if you include families with kids) and the rest of the Fair Trade Group estimates about 50. Chances are it’s somewhere in between. Which is a shame. We could have easily had over 100 at any one time without having it seem too busy.

Well, maybe next year.


The garden area (they had wheat growing on top of the normal potatoes, cabbages, strawberries, etc. and the farm area–they had brand new piglets which were really cute.

Sunnyfields provided catering–they had local meat, own-made veggie burgers, their own salad leaves for a salad. It was great.
We’re going to Sunnyfields July 3rd for a Mediterranean meal using local ingredients AND it’s only 25.

This is how I got fed for most of the day. It was DELICIOUS. This is Kate Hughes on the left who did our cookery demos. She runs cooking classes from her business Cook Academy.

I’ll have to try her recipes for myself and post them. She made an aubergine and cous cous fruited salad, a broadbean and pea pate, puy lentil and fresh soy bean salad, and a strawberry tart. It was all amazing.

I also ate a little bit of dried fruit that we were giving away as samples.

This is me giving a talk to people about the £2 a day diet. I didn’t know quite what I should say, but I thought just giving general tips would be helpful to people. Plus I thought it would be handy because people kept trying to walk off with the two copies I had of the explanation about the diet on a stall.

It went well, although I was disappointed with the turnout (as were, I think, most of the stallholders). However, all the people who went as attendees seemed to really like it. I dont know how we get more people to turn up. Maybe if it was at a school? Billed more as a fete? I don’t know….

Anyway, onto the food:
Breakfast: Megan had toast with peanut butter and jelly (12p), Mac skipped breakfast
Riverford: 85p
Lunch: Megan got free samples from the Food for the Future event (and they were DELICIOUS!) Mac had a few free samples and ate leftover Moroccan stew with chickpeas (21p + 3p cabbage)
Dinner: We were hurrying back from the Hobbit and Mac needed to get to his gig, so he didn’t eat and ended up finishing off Andy and Nic’s falafel from the place near the Joiners because they couldn’t eat it all. Megan was happy to be lazy after an exceptionally long weekend and had leftover lentil and vegetable stew for dinner 26p.

£1.23 for Megan, £1.21 for Mac.


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