Day 19 – still backdating.

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June 19, 2009 by missmegany

Before moving on to anything else, check out how cool our tomatoes are from Riverford! I didn’t know you could even get watermelon-like tomatoes! I think they might be called zebra ones or something.

Right. I’m getting a little fed up that we hadn’t done the math earlier. It would have been a good way to prevent us from having running over day after day last week. I’m still backdating (which leads to a strange blend of past and present tense for which I apologise), and it’s frustrating to see that we kept going over £2. Especially seeing as how we were eating pretty well over the last few days and probably didn’t even need to have anything extra. I blame the cookies–it’s hard to resist them!

This haricot bean salad (one of MANY we’ve tried since I accidentally ordered 5kg of them from the co-op instead of 1kg) was nice–I should have added fresh parsley to it, but we didn’t have any (Mac cut all of his down because he thought it was fuelling bugs going to his tomatoes). Haricot beans are pretty good in my book. I like cannellini a little bit better, but they are fairly similar. They’ve made a good chili/refried bean style dish, as well as numerous chilled salads. We’re going to try white bean risotto some time soon, so we’ll see if it works for that.

What was organic/local?
Organic: haricot beans, white wine vinegar, carrots, salad leaves and tomatoes in the salad, oatmeal, raisins, milk on tea (tea is Fair Trade) Plus the risotto rice, white wine vinegar and broad beans from the risotto. Oh, and the peanut butter, flour, and oatmeal from the cookies.
Local: Aubergine, rapeseed oil, plus the asparagus, cheese, and butter from the risotto. Plus the very tasty but quite expensive raisin and walnut bread… which I think is also organic.

Piyaz (haricot bean salad) with grilled aubergine
Served 3, £1.33 total, 44p per portion

250g haricot beans (50p)
2T lemon juice (6p)
1T white wine vinegar (4p)
aubergine (50p)
1 1/2T rapeseed oil (23p)

Soak 250g kuru fasulye (haricot beans) overnight. The next morning drain off the water and put the beans in a pan of boiling water, at which 2 dessertspoonful of sodium bicarbonate was added, and let boil for 4-5 minutes and drain again. (I didn’t do this, but maybe I should have… I don’t know what the baking soda would do, but I’ve heard it recommended before)
About 2 1/2 hours before you want to eat, put the beans in a pan and cover over the top with fresh water and cook for around 1 1/2 hours.
When done, spare ½ cup of the water and drain the remaining water.
Add salt, 2Tbsp lemon juice, and 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar vinegar to the ½ cup of water and pour it over the beans and stir. Cover the pan and cool. Add olive oil after an hour.
Dress with green onions (or dry onions), chopped parsley, olive, and tomatoes and especially with boiled eggs. Serve cool. We skipped the last part, and instead I topped it with grilled aubergine.

To prepare the aubergine, preheat a ridged grill pan on medium-high heat.
Slice the aubergine into 1/2″ pieces and lightly coat both sides with olive (rapeseed) oil. Place onto the grill. Turn after 4-5 min. If any pieces are a bit thicker than the others and aren’t cooking as well, you can push down on them with a fork or wooden spoon. It will make them a bit mushier in appearance, but they will cook faster.

Breakfast : porridge with raisins and a cup of tea – 13p + 3p
Riverford: 75p
Lunch: leftover risotto 60p
Dinner: Piyaz (Haricot Beans) with grilled Aubergine 44p along with a garden salad (all either from Riverford or our garden) plus two cookies 13p and Megan had the last piece of walnut & raisin bread with 5g of butter (28p)

Total: Mac £2.08, Megan £2.36 I guess I should have done the math before we ate anything after dinner.


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