Cut your Carbon Foodprint for Lent!


January 29, 2010 by missmegany

Alright. While I’m mulling over the Food Zones challenge, here’s a challenge that people can join me on AND it’s super easy.

It’s 40 days long, it gives you lots of options on how to do it, and you can measure how well you’ve done at the end. (Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll stick to it after the 40 days are over, but the challenge itself if fairly short) Oh, and did I mention that you’ll probably lose weight?

Here’s the deal:

1. Start by calculating your present footprint. See the Foodprint Calculator post for more details.

2. Figure out where your savings could be made.

3. Make sure you tell me you’re signing up to the challenge. A comment on this post is good enough for me. Also tell me where you live so I get an idea of who is doing this from around Southampton. Otherwise you can sign up here:

4. Stick to it for 40 days starting on 17th Feb (see below for tips).

5. After 40 days (3rd April), calculate it again. (Check your weight to see if I was right!)

That’s it! Not too bad, and it’s something different instead of the ol’ “give up chocolate” routine. Of course, you could always give up chocolate as part of this…  as I told some uni students I want to get signed up: “you can combine it with saving money (not eating out…as much), losing weight (less processed foods, less meat/dairy), and probably something else you wish you were doing.”


  • If you eat dairy or meat in most meals, cut down gradually by having meat in every other dinner. Or you could go cold (no pun intended) turkey.
  • If you want to get more organic (and local) food, look into a veg box here or here or try to find out how you can buy organic more cheaply (hint: NOT organic ready-meals!)
  • If you use a lot of imported food, start looking for UK on labels. (Don’t be fooled by “British” brainwashing, though. Look for the fine print when it gives country of origin. If there’s no UK option, stick to this side of Europe if possible)
  • To try cooking a bit more and staying away from ready meals, check BBC Good Food recipes, or get books out from the library.
  • If you are doing well apart from the food you waste, get a bin and start composting!

Now that’s not too bad, is it? If you’re thinking, “Wow, I could totally do that!” Let me know and start calculating. I’d love some company.


One thought on “Cut your Carbon Foodprint for Lent!

  1. Alex D says:

    I’m in.
    carbon emissions = 0.765t now.
    Doing this reminded me that when I’m at work I consume nothing but processed crud so that will be the thing I’ll reduce.

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