Being more aware

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May 3, 2012 by missmegany

“Pause for a moment and ask yourself these three questions:
What am I doing?
Why am I doing this?
Where is it taking me?

Taken from Chris Johnstone’s book “Find Your Power”, where he points out these awareness questions that he uses in order to re-focus on the things that matter (whether that’s enjoying a bit of TV to unwind or running a project).

I struggle with this–with the balance of finding more with the time we’re given every day.   I find that often I want to do less–but that usually means that I want to do more of things that don’t matter.  Like checking facebook, or searching for a slightly different article when I’ve already found nine that work just fine, or getting stuck decluttering parts of the house that probably don’t need decluttering.

Using our daily allowance of time.

Using our daily allowance of time.

It’s nice to at least be working towards starting a new habit–one that lets me ask why I’m spending some of my 86,400 seconds.  (I prefer 1,440 minutes though. It seems less scary!)  Here’s to being more self-aware, which will let me get more.


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